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Year-End Bonuses and Promotions

November 25, 2022
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Year-End Bonuses and Promotions

The finest location to wager on sports online is OKBET, largely thanks to its promotions. Sportsbooks offer bettors a variety of enticing promos to separate in a cutthroat industry. You can take advantage of many free bets, promotions with improved odds, risk-free bets, and more.

Additionally, OKBET is a well-known sports betting website with the finest bonuses in the industry. The website underwent a significant redesign and now has one of the most transparent, cutting-edge user interfaces of any betting service. The terrific birthday bonus and other fantastic promos that have helped OKBET become such a well-liked online sportsbook have remained.

The OKBET year-end promotions are listed below!

OKBET Promotions

Birthday Bonus

Any OKBET members who want to join must already be active and verified. Before requesting the birthday bonus, a player must have made at least three (3) deposits of any size within 30 days of their birthday. To get the birthday bonus, the player must request it. This deal is for those Sportsbook players.

Second Deposit 68% Bonus (PHP 1,500 Max)

The player’s second deposit must be at least Php 300.00 to qualify for this offer. The player may seek credit for the 68% bonus on the second deposit. Players must contact the OKBET Online Customer Service Team to redeem this promotion.

Daily Deposit Bonus

You must spend the incentive for daily deposits on that day. If it is not claimed before the end of the day, it will be recovered and reset to 0 the following day. 

Happy Hours Bonus

Only players who make deposits on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday between 6 pm and 12 am will be qualified for the Happy Hour Bonus from November 17 through December 31, 2022. Players must make a minimum deposit of 500 pesos.

Soccer Weekly Loss Rebate 8%

Players will be eligible for an 8% loss compensation with a minimum Php 3,000.00 loss. For the players to get their returns, play one additional turnover. You may use our live chat option to acquire this offer, Soccer Weekly Loss Rebate 8%, every Monday at 1 pm.

Basketball Weekly Loss Rebate

Players who have dropped at least 3,000 will be eligible for the 5% loss credit. Additionally, the minimum withdrawal for participants is PHP 1,000.00.

Sports First Big Bonus

The player must turn over the total deposit plus the bonus x 2 to be eligible for Sets A and B bonus. The player must turn over the entire deposit plus the bonus once to be eligible to receive the bonus for set C.

Unlimited 5% Bonus 

Every player who deposits a minimum of Php300 is eligible for the unlimited 5% bonus. And also, the players must play x3 turnover to withdraw refunds.


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