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Which Hot Ones sauce is the hottest? Steph Curry on spicy wings and his basketball career

August 25, 2023
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Which Hot Ones sauce is the hottest? Steph Curry on spicy wings and his basketball career


Steph Curry gives his thoughts on which Hot Ones sauce is the hottest while talking about some of his special moments in his basketball career. Sean Evans, the host of Hot Ones, features him in a one-on-one interview while eating spicy wings. In this article, we will talk about how one of the greatest three-point shooters of all time came to be and the different Scoville levels of some of the hottest hot sauce on the planet.


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Hot Ones the show with hot question and even hotter wings

Before we dive deeper into our topic, let’s get to know what Hot Ones is. Hot Ones is a YouTube show that conducts interviews with different known personalities around the world. It is produced by First We Feast and Complex Media and is hosted by Sean Evans.

Here, they interview the person while eating spicy wings with different Scoville levels. As the question progresses, the spiciness of the wings also progresses.


How is Steph Curry when it comes to spicy food?

Before Sean Evans asked the real questions, he asked Steph if he was okay with spicy foods. He said that as a child he was not much of a fan of spicy food, but when he married his wife, who has Jamaican heritage, he managed to adapt quickly. He said that he is comfortable with spicy foods but doesn’t want to brag about them until the show is finished.



During the first half of the interview, the Scoville level of the Spicy wings was tolerable for most people. Here, it retains the flavor while having the spiciness of the hot sauce.

First question/spicy wing: Classic Hot Sauce Chili Maple with 1,600 Scoville level

Sean Evans: “According to 109 NBA draft scouting reports, you’ll never be a star in the league because of lack of explosiveness. How do you think things would have been different if you would have ended up at Virginia Tech or Duke? Like,  do you think you’d be where you are right now?”

Steph disagrees because the style of basketball he currently plays is based on a system that Davidson College has perfected, and he gets to learn alongside the others. He also said that if he went to Duke or any famous collegiate basketball team and didn’t get the experience that he learned from Davidson, he wouldn’t be the same player. He also stated that you need to go where your style fits, rather than forcing yourself to go to famous colleges where you don’t fit in.

Second question/spicy wing: La Pimenterie Curry Verde Thai Green Curry Hot Sauce with  6,000 Scoville level

Before the second question was asked, Sean Evans congratulated Curry on recently winning the American Century Championship in golf.

Sean Evans: “What is hitting a hole in one like for you? like is it like hitting a shot from 75 feet on the court, or is it a uniquely singular sports experience?

Here, he said that it’s a totally different experience. He meant that shooting from 75 feet on the court was something he trained for and does from time to time. He also answered that he was meant to and expected to hit it rather than a hole in one for golf, which is totally a different experience because nobody, including himself, expected that it would go in because the chances are slim to none.

Third question/spicy wing: Zesty Lemon Pepper Hot Sauce with 15,500 Scoville level

Sean Evans: “NBA Jam popularized the concept of being on fire, alright, but there is an influential study in the 1985 edition of cognitive psychology that said that hot hand theory or streak shooting is a myth. As the NBA’s all-time leading three-point shooter, what’s your take on that whole thing? like does being on fire feel real to you?”

Steph disagrees with this study. He said that the feeling of being on fire is real. That’s what they’ve worked for over the years—perfecting muscle memory so they can have moments like this. He said that there are moments when, if the shot is not going to be challenged or blocked, he just has to release the ball, and it’s always going to go in.

Fourth question/spicy wing: Chile Lengua De Fuego with 36,500 Scoville level

Sean Evans: “In your opinion, what is the NBA team staff role that’s most important to keeping the machine moving but doesn’t get enough of the credit?”

Curry answered the question with a specific person named Rick Celebrini, director of sports medicine and performance for the Golden State Warriors. Curry said that he is thankful for Rick because of what he does in the industry. He said that guys like him are the reason for a player’s longevity because they know how to deal with a specific situation and prevent injuries. They just don’t think about how to get you back in the present game, but how to get you going for the years to come.

Fifth question/spicy wing: Los Calientes Rojo Hot Sauce with 49,000 Scoville level

This hot sauce is probably the one that started the problem for Steph Curry. After eating the spicy wing with Los Calientes Rojo Hot Sauce, Curry’s lips began to have the sensation of burning.

Sean Evans: “You’re a self-described popcorn addict, and in 2019, the New York Times published your power rankings of NBA popcorn throughout the NBA throughout the entire league, and you rate it all on a proprietary one-to-five scoring system of freshness, saltiness, crunchiness, butter, and presentation. How would you articulate the difference between your top-rated popcorn, the kind that they serve on Dallas Mavericks games, and then the lowest-rated popcorn that they serve at Clippers and Lakers games?”

This might sound crazy to you. Imagine rating all the popcorn in the league. I mean, who does that? But it turned out to be quite a fun and informative thing because you know which popcorn to avoid if you are going to watch an NBA game. Steph answered the question seriously, even when he was laughing. He stated that the things he looks for in the perfect popcorn are the presentation, the salt level, and the crisp texture. This is one of the factors that gets him excited whenever he has a match at a certain arena—not just the environment but the popcorn that they have. He even jokingly said that every NBA player should thank him for rating them.



This is where the interview gets interesting. The spiciness of the wings is elevated and not tolerable for most people. The hot sauce’s spiciness here almost completely drowns out the flavor of the wings, unlike in the first half.

Sixth question/spicy wing: The Spicy Shark Eat the Heat with 71,000 Scoville level

Curry immediately felt the seriousness of the spicy wings during the second half. After taking a bite of the spicy wing with Spicy Shark Eat the Heat hot sauce, Curry went from burning lips to intense sweating.

Sean Evans: “Your unique insight as a child of a 90s Pro I am curious: when you and your dad talk about like his NBA versus your NBA, what are the things that you guys end up talking about?”

Curry said that they often talk about how the game differs from his dad’s time and his time. Specifically when it comes to the three-point area. During his dad’s time in the NBA, everybody was always trying to get to the paint to make the game-winning shot. Three-pointers at that time usually had an open look because they would double somebody in the paint. Now, in Curry’s time, everybody is focused on the three-point area because that’s where the usual game winner happens nowadays.

Seventh question/spicy wing: Adoboloco Jalapeňo Chico with 103,000 Scoville level

Sean Evans: “I heard you credit Klay Thompson’s shooting form is being more pure from a textbook standpoint than yours. Can you explain what you mean by that because from sitting on the couch, they both look good to me?”

Curry stated that the reason he thinks Klay’s jumpshot is more pure than his is because, if you look at Klay from a picture, everything is just in line. It’s straight, and it’s the basic form if we’re going to talk about the fundamentals of basketball.

Sean Evans: “If you are giving advice on how to shoot what movements and idiosyncrasies in someone’s mechanics, which ones are adaptable with enough practice and which ones are fatal if done wrong?”

Curry’s answer here is a bit technical. He said that the chicken wing is the one that’s fatal and wrong in some ways. Chicken wings are like having your elbows at 45 degrees. If you have this shooting form, all the force that came from your knees up to your shooting arm vanishes. It doesn’t have the same arc and force when your shooting arm is at 90 degrees.



Eight question/spicy wing: Da Bomb Beyond Insanity with 135,600 Scoville level

Even if Da Bomb Beyond Insanity is the third-to-last hot sauce, Many argue that this is hotter than the next one, which is The Last Dab Apollo Hot Sauce. This is also the one that Steph immediately recognized as he sat in the chair before the interview because of its unique packaging and design.

Sean Evans: “Do you remember the first time that you ever pulled up from 40 feet in a game? Like, how old were you, and do you remember what your coach’s reaction was?”

Curry said that, as far as he remembers, he did it in high school but missed it. He was lucky that his dad was on the sidelines, so the coaching staff was not able to overstep, but he did indeed get a scolding in the car on his way home.

Sean Evans: “During my middle school era, kids in games would try that like Allen Iverson’s spin crossover a lot, usually it leads to disastrous results. Do you remember like the player that you would emulate when you were that age? Like so many kids now, it’s like you for them, like, who is your model?”

Curry said that his models were Steve Nash and Reggie Miller. He stated that Reggie was just a master of creating space without the ball, and he tried to mix that trait of Reggie with Steve Nash’s point guard ability. But the guy that he and his brother would emulate a lot is Alonzo Mourning and his free throw routine.

Ninth question/spicy wing: Alchemy Peppers Hopp Sauce Watermelon Ghost with 641,000 Scoville level

After taking a bite of this second-to-last spicy wing, Curry revealed that he and his family have a bet on whether he can survive all ten wings or not. His family bet that he wouldn’t be able to make it, but from the looks of things, he is winning. That’s how competitive athletes are.

Sean Evans: “How much did it mean to you that Kobe picked up on your baby faced assassin nickname. You know it seems like he saw the killer instinct in you before a lot of others.”

Curry got a little emotional answering this question from Sean. He said this is probably one of the dopest things that happened to him when Kobe validated his game. The first one was in his rookie year. They were getting beaten at that time, and he made a leaner off the glass. The camera locks in on Kobe, who is sitting on the bench, and tells one of his teammates that Curry is nice.

The second time was when they were playing in a pre-season game and Kobe was just doing the Mamba Mentality on him, locking him down with outrageous full-court defense, but he drained a shot from 30 feet against Kobe, and then Kobe tapped on his ass as a way of saying nice shooting kid. After the first half, Curry asked for the clip of that certain moment because it was one of the nicest gestures that he got from one of the greatest players in the history of the NBA.



Tenth spicy wing: The Last Dab Apollo Hot Sauce (Scoville level to be announced)

During this last spicy wing, Sean Evans didn’t ask any questions. Instead, he is showing Curry some clips from his Documentary “Underrated,” and Curry just has to say the first thought that comes through his mind.

The first clip that was shown was when Curry, during his collegiate years, turned the ball over 13 times. He said that his teammates and his coach were like, “Did we just give a scholarship to this kid? Like, what are we going to be with Steph for four years?” But we all knew how he learned from that mistake, which got him the four NBA rings that he has now.

The second clip they showed was when they beat Georgetown in the NCAA tournament. Curry’s thought on this moment was that it was an unbelievable moment. During this time, They were the underdogs compared to Georgetown, but they still managed to beat them.

The third clip that was shown to Curry is when he beat Ray Allen’s three-point record. He said that it was a feeling that he was preparing for when he saw Allen beat Reggie’s record way back at the TD Garden. It was a special day, and he gave the game ball to his dad after the game.



The verdict

The Last Dab Apollo Hot Sauce is supposed to be the one that is the hottest among all the ten hot sauces that were featured during Steph’s interview. However, it was Da Bomb Beyond Insanity that had the greatest reaction from Steph. This was the hot sauce that made him uncomfortable, more sweaty, and more tingly.

Steph Curry’s basketball career was sensational. Truly, it was one of the underdog stories that turned out to be successful. Like others, he was inspired by the players that came before him, and surely someday he will become the inspiration of future athletes that will come to the NBA.


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