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When Terry Bradshaw Pretended to Be Tom Brady

March 3, 2023
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Tom Brady is considered one of the best quarterbacks ever to touch the football. Terry Bradshaw is another Hall of Fame quarterback whose four Super Bowl wins can stand up to TB12’s incredible record.

Aside from these two stars being some of the game’s most proficient signal callers, there’s no direct link between the two American football stars. They dominated different eras of the NFL, playing for different teams.

However, there is one event that connects the two football superstars. Bradshaw once used Brady’s name on this day to get operated on without the media finding out he was getting his arm sorted.

And all of this happened while the future Hall of Famer was still a child.

This OKBET piece will talk about this hilarious coincidence, Bradshaw’s achievements as a football player, and his thoughts on Brady joining sports media now that he’s retired for good.

Bradshaw’s Stolen Identity Fiasco

It all began in 1983. It was Bradshaw’s 14th season in the NFL, establishing himself as the face of the Pittsburgh Steelers. During his time, he’s widely considered one of the greatest QBs to step on the field.

However, the previous season hasn’t been kind to the four-time Super Bowl winner. He only started nine games for the Steelers. Various injuries kept him off the field, and the 35-year-old probably got questions about whether he could still produce as a first-string QB.

He had muscle issues in his throwing arm and decided to get it fixed. He admitted himself to a Louisiana hospital for an operation on his elbow. It was during this incident that the legendary fake name was used.

Of all names that would have been used, it just had to be Brady.

However, Bradshaw quickly clarified that it was not the person who came up with the name. He told The Athletic’s Ed Bouchette that he had no idea the Steelers’ signal-caller was even given the false name when he got surgery.

Charles Boyd, the administrator of the northern Louisiana hospital that Bradshaw admitted himself into, admitted that they used fake names to keep the press away whenever they cared for important people. 

It just so happened that Tom Brady shared the same initials as Terry Bradshaw. It is a funny coincidence that unintentionally prophesized the arrival and dominance of the next TB12.

While the surgery was successful, it didn’t fix Bradshaw’s issues. The quarterback had to call it quits that season, only playing one game before retiring the following season.

Terry Bradshaw: The Original TB12

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine another player taking the TB12 moniker other than Tom Brady. He achieved so much with the number 12 jersey that it’s hard to incorporate the number with another player.

However, NFL fans who grew up in the seventies and eighties will point to Bradshaw as the leading person who made things possible with his plays. He was TB12 before Brady took his thunder.

Bradshaw may be a Hall of Famer, but his professional football career didn’t start hotly. He only completed 1410 passing yards, made six passing TDs, and committed 24 interceptions in his first 13 games. 

His sophomore season also looked equally as dreadful at 2259 yards, 13 TDs, and 22 picks. Fortunately for him, he picked things up in his third year under center and became one of the most feared quarterbacks in the league.

He became known for throwing long-range bombs in the regular season and the playoffs. His prowess earned him four Super Bowl rings, two Super Bowl MVP awards, three Pro Bowl nods, and one First-Team All-Pro selection.

What Does Terry Bradshaw Think of Tom Brady?

Like all former football players who got into sports media after their playing days, Terry Bradshaw had things to say about Tom Brady.

He praises Brady for his collectiveness under pressure. According to Insider’s Barnaby Lane, Bradshaw commented that Brady’s teams were trailing for most of their Super Bowl wins. The fact that he could lead his team to victory in such high-pressure environments is commendable.

However, he also pointed out that he’s not his preferred quarterback. He claimed he preferred Ben Roethlisberger at his peak as his franchise field general if he had to build his dream football team. He also chose Patrick Mahomes over Brady when they were compared.

Now that Brady’s retired, he’s set to join Fox Sports’ broadcast team. As a future colleague, he’s confident he’ll be able to provide valuable insight as a seven-time Super Bowl winner. 

However, he also wonders if Brady could connect to the channel’s most loyal viewers. Relatability is one of the most important traits of a sports broadcaster. While Brady’s the most successful quarterback in NFL history, he’s not the most relatable person with his unique lifestyle.

Bradshaw also shared that criticism towards sports pundits can become sharp. Brady enjoyed a successful career and might not be used to hearing harsh words about his punditry. He needs to develop a thick skin if he wants to succeed.

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A Lifetime Connection Between Bradshaw and Brady

The funny coincidence on this day won’t be the only thing connecting the two football superstars. They are two of the most successful quarterbacks in NFL history, and they will share the stage when it comes to football analysis.

It will be interesting if Brady takes a similar path to Terry Bradshaw’s post-playing career. While it’s clear to almost everyone that he’s the more successful player, seeing them interact on the Fox Sports channel will be fun.

Moreover, it’s always fun to think about how these two QBs are connected due to that funny coincidence in 1983.

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