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Tom Brady Retires ‘For Real’ After 23 Seasons

February 3, 2023
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American football fans likely saw Tom Brady calling it a Hall Of Fame career after his exit in the Wild Card round. However, everyone held their breaths until the GOAT himself announced that he was hanging up his cleats for good.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion is retiring for the second time. Unlike his first retirement, he’ll be walking away from the sport for good this time.

In a 53-second Twitter video, he said he’ll keep the announcement of his second retirement short as he already used his ticket for an “emotional retirement essay.” He said he’d rather immediately let the world know through a quick, sincere video.

Brady will be walking away from the game as one of the most outstanding players ever to touch a pigskin. He won seven Super Bowl trophies, six with the New England Patriots while the last one was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Tom Brady made an impressive total of 89,214 passing yards and 649 passing TDs in the regular season. He was equally efficient in the playoffs, completing 13,400 passing yards and 88 TDs.

The 15-time Pro Bowler, three-time First Team All-Pro, and five-time Super Bowl MVP will be missed by OKBET and NFL fans for the way he dominated the game. His sheer competitive spirit and work ethic became a blueprint for NFL quarterbacks who want to achieve even a fraction of what he did.

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What’s Next for Tom Brady?

Regardless of whether Brady retired this season, there was always a question of what he will do next.

The most obvious path for him is to join FOX Sports. It’s evident in his final season that he’s still a great quarterback, so his input will be invaluable in the broadcast room during the 2023 season.

The possibility of coaching an NFL team is also there. He can use his great footballing mind to lead a franchise from the sidelines. However, taking a coaching role immediately after retiring might not be in his best interests after an eventful 2022.

Regardless of what he decides to do next, the NFL and its fans wish him all the best. He provided them with exciting moments for an entire generation, and they will want nothing more for Tom Brady than to find his next passions.

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