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The Dangers of Illegal Gambling Sites

July 19, 2023
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Behind the easy registrations and astonishing rewards, illegal gambling sites have hidden a dangerous secret: they can steal your identity!

Thankfully, a group called “Digital Pinoys” have raised this concern to the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC). As per the reports from GMA News, the group urged the agency to block unregistered gambling sites.


According to national campaigner Ronald Gustilo, illegal gambling “poses great risks to Filipinos.”

“Illegal gambling sites should be taken down as soon as possible by the NTC as it poses great risks to Filipinos. Many of these sites have been advertising aggressively, using social media platforms and influencers,” Gustilo said.

It should be worth reminding that illegal gambling sites are not under the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). It means that the government does not have control over these platforms. This puts any player prone to identity theft and unauthorized e-wallet transactions.

OKBet The Dangers of Illegal Gambling Sites

Citing the National Privacy Commission’s (NPC) findings, Gustilo said that e-wallets, like GCash, are being compromised because of illegal gambling sites.

“As per the findings of the National Privacy Commission, the most prevalent cause of account compromise in e-wallet platforms is the patronage of illegal online gambling sites. Because they are illegal, the government does not have any regulation over the platform, which makes it dangerous.

“They can use any and all data captured upon access to their site to whatever use they may want to. They can access your credentials, sell your information, and as what happened before, steal your money. Hence the urgency of blocking these sites before any other incident happens,” he stated.

This means that trusting unlicensed online gambling sites is like playing with fire: there is a big chance you get burned.


Since illegal gambling sites are not under the purview of PAGCOR, they have the freedom to commit criminal activities like identity theft. According to several reports from 2021 to 2022, a total of five million Filipinos have been victimized. The Global Consumer Pulse even showed that at least 44% of Philippine-based consumers had targets on their backs that came from digital frauds.

Illegal gambling sites not under the government can easily commit fraudulent activities, like stealing their players’ information. The data they have stolen can be sold or, worse, conduct unauthorized e-wallet transactions.

Simply put, playing in an unlicensed casino may cost you your savings and identity! This is why PAGCOR has constantly reminded the public to play only on accredited platforms such as OKBet.

Licensed operators adhere to the rules and regulations of the government. They are committed to providing safe and secure services. 

Additionally, their licenses are not permanent. Once PAGCOR found that they have committed any violations, their legality to operate might be revoked. Those that acquired permits strictly follow the rules of the government agency in fear of losing their licenses.

Although some illegal gambling sites may fool you by copying PAGCOR’s seal, they cannot include their company on the agency’s list of accredited gambling platforms. So, for a worrisome gambling experience, gamble only on reputable platforms.

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