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The Best American Football Linebacking Duos

September 27, 2022
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The Best American Football Linebacking Duos
The Best American Football Linebacking Duos

2012, 2013 New England Patriots

Dont’a Hightower, Brandon Spikes, and Jerod Mayo

Two things have happened to or could happen to these three that you don’t see very often, if ever. The first is that all three of them played for schools that were rivals with each other at some point.

Brandon Spikes played for the University of Florida, and Jerod Mayo played for the University of Tennessee. Hightower played for the University of Alabama.

The second reason is that even though Hightower played for the Patriots through the 2021 season, he is still on the team with Jerod Mayo, who has been the Patriot’s Linebackers Coach since 2019. He is choosing not to play in 2022, so we don’t know what will happen to him.

Even though the Patriots were usually the best team during this time, they didn’t win a Super Bowl when these three were on the team.

1975 Pittsburgh Steelers

Jack Ham and Andy Russell

This linebacking duo was the first to have linebackers who could also cover receivers. It made them a unique pair of linebackers. As a linebacker, they could also come up and make tackles.

Pittsburgh’s linebackers from that position picked off six passes as a team. JT Thomas had the most tackles by a linebacker, with three. The Steelers also won the Super Bowl in 1975, beating the Dallas Cowboys 21–17.

1985 Chicago Bears

Michael Singletary, Otis Wilson, and Wilbur Marshal

In the regular season and the playoffs, the 1985 Chicago Bears team was one of the teams that came the closest to being perfect. Some people even say they are the best team that has ever played.

The following two closest teams are the 2007 Patriots and the 1972 Miami Dolphins. The difference between them and those two teams is that they won the Super Bowl. In a funny twist, this happened against the Patriots in a 46–10 loss.

During the regular season, the three of them had a total of eight interceptions, with Wilbur Marshall getting four of them.

2000 Baltimore Ravens

Jamie Sharper, Ray Lewis, and Peter Boulware

There is no doubt that these three were very serious, especially Ray Lewis, who liked to make a big splash as soon as he got on the football field.

During home games, there was fire, which was a symbol of how the Ravens played defense. They had three shutouts in their first six games and went 5-1.

Even more impressive about this team is that their defense only gave up 23 points in their four playoff OKBet games, and they never gave up more than one touchdown in any of them.

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