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OKBet Super Jackpot Win-A-Ride Winners List

March 27, 2023
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Watch out! The complete list of Super Jackpot Win-A-Ride winners is here!

From February to July 2023, a monthly draw will be held every last Saturday. Lucky gamblers have already won some of these prizes, but it’s not too late to join!

You could win a brand-new Toyota Fortuner, Honda CBR150R, and iPhone 14 Pro (1TB) in the later draws! Up to PHP 50,000 worth of free bets are also up for grabs!

Only the account names of the lucky winners will be published to protect our users’ privacy.

What are you waiting for? Start playing and win together with OKBet!

July 29

OKBet Super jackpot Toyota Winner

Finally! After six-long months of non-stop prizes, one OKBet player received the brand-new Toyota Fortuner!

June 24

Traverse the metro in style with your own Honda CBR150R!

We proudly announce the victorious champion of power and style – the all-new Honda CBR150R! Congratulations to the unbeatable conqueror of the roads, setting the bar higher with its dynamic performance and stunning design. Get ready to experience pure adrenaline with the ultimate two-wheeled triumph, the Honda CBR150R.

OKBet Super Jackpot Raffle Winners June 24

May 27

That’s it! An OkBet user was chosen to be the recipient of a brand new iPhone 14 1TB! What a lucky player!

But hold on, there are still two major prizes yet to be drawn! Who will be driving a brand new motorcycle or a car? Tune in on June 24 and July 29 for the luckiest winners of these Win A Ride draw!

okbet super jackpot

April 29

A lucky player with a username that has J2012 has been selected as the winner of the P50,000 free bets. Now that the third draw has been drawn, it is time for the major prizes!

okbet super jackpot

March 25

Another set of lucky OkBet players got a great bankroll boost with the latest raffle draw.

okbet super jackpot

February 25

Nine lucky players won free bets to help them enjoy our sports betting and online casino services.

okbet super jackpot

Now that all the winners have been named, the Super Jackpot Win-A-Ride raffle draw of OKBet officially ends. Congratulations to all the winners, especially the iPhone 14 Pro, Honda CBR150R, and Toyota Fortuner winners!

Watch the winners here:

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