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Self-Exclusion: Responsible Gambling Approach

January 2, 2023
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Taking a breather from gambling, whether land-based or online, is a responsible way of gambling. A popular way to step away from betting and even stop gambling is self-exclusion, which we will discuss in this blog post.

What is self-exclusion?

Self-exclusion is a responsible way of gambling wherein gamblers do not permanently quit playing. Instead, they give themselves enough time to step away from physical or online casinos with the help of the establishment or companies.

Players who want to take a time-out can make an agreement with casino operators to prohibit them from playing. As a result, their urge to spend their money and time gambling will be restricted, which in turn would help them control such addiction.

This method could also help impulsive gamblers to regain control of their urges and stop betting once and for all.

When a person is included in the list of excluded players, gambling venues will refuse to accept their bets. They will also be asked to leave the area. Even if an excluded gambler can win in a casino, their winnings will be forfeited, and they cannot recover their losses.

OKBET responsible gambling: self-exclusion

Why is it important?

Self-exclusion helps gamblers fight their addiction. Rather than focusing on how to win in a casino, they will be giving their undivided attention to becoming better versions of themselves.

Instead of squandering their savings, self-exclusion redirects the gambler toward a more meaningful matter—their life. By not being allowed to gamble, a person can reassess his interests in money, career, and family.

Moreover, a person suffering from gambling addiction will not face it alone. There are communities established to accompany players in their journey to self-control.

In addition, casinos like OKBET, an authorized casino operator, promote responsible gambling to ensure that every one of its players is not wasting their lives.

When should one self-exclude?

There are seven reasons, according to the organization Responsible Gambling, that direct a gambler to a choice of secluding himself from the temptations of casinos. These include:

  1. Gambling becomes unenjoyable.
  2. It becomes the root of financial, health, and even relationship problems.
  3. There is a desire to take a break.
  4. Gambling causes stress not only to the players but also to their family and friends.
  5. The urge is strong that it becomes uncontrollable. Thus the need to step away is needed.
  6. There is a feeling that casinos have become an “integral” part of a person’s life and are harming them in terms of physical, emotional, or psychological aspects.
  7. Instead of enjoying the game, the primary goal is to get back the money lost.

Places to volunteer for self-exclusion

Most countries have already adopted the self-exclusion program. PAGCOR also offers a self-exclusion agreement, which is available on its website.

The government agency provides an exclusion period of six months, one year, or five years from all gambling activities. Renewal of the agreement is possible as long as it is needed.

Final thoughts

Self-exclusion is a great way to limit, if not eradicate, the habit of gambling. Moreover, the program is not forcing anyone. It means that those who come to self-exclude were of their own volition.

So far, PAGCOR has already excluded 1,215 people from Philippine casinos, whose lives are projected to improve without their gambling addiction.

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