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RFS vs Helsinki UEFA Champions League 07/12/22 | Okbet Match Previews, Odds, and Predictions

July 12, 2022
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RFS vs Helsinki UEFA Champions League 07/12/22 | Okbet Match Previews, Odds, and Predictions
RFS vs Helsinki UEFA Champions League 07/12/22 | Okbet Match Previews, Odds, and Predictions

Okbet Prediction for RFS vs HJK Helsinki UEFA Champions League on 12 July 2022 at 11:30 PM


On July 12, 2022, the match will take place. Let’s look at the teams’ most recent results and determine how likely they will win the next meeting at Okbet UEFA Champions League.

The two teams must play each other again in the Champions League qualifying round. So far, HJK is ahead, but the RFS has a good chance of making it to the next round, where it will face Victoria Pilsen.


There are three head-to-head matches. The lowest advantage is on the side of HJK, which has two wins and only one loss. The last game for this qualification round was played last week. The Finnish team had a slight lead at that point, 1:0.

Last Matches of RFS vs HJK Helsinki

7/7/2022 UCLQ HJK Helsinki 1-0 RFS
1/29/2022 CFG HJK Helsinki 0-2 RFS
1/18/2020 CFG HJK Helsinki 2-1 RFS


In Latvia, the season is in full swing. In the championship, the team played 20 games and got 45 points. It lets you move up to second place, right behind Valmiera. Last week, the team did well in a match against HJK. She didn’t get many chances to score goals, but she also didn’t let her opponent do much. And last weekend, the guys won the national championship by beating Spartaks with a score of 4:0.


HJK has already played 14 games in the Finnish championship, which is more than any other club. It lets you get ready for the Champions League qualification without stress. Last week, the team won a match against the RFS. Aside from the goal, she didn’t have any other shots on goal. This past weekend, HJK could rest without playing in the national championship.


This block allows the user to compare and contrast the RFS and HJK Helsinki teams’ statistics based on the results of their last 10 matches. The user can look at detailed statistics like the number of wins and losses, the average total, etc.

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In this block, the user can give detailed information about the RFS and HJK Helsinki teams participating in the future event. The statistics are based on how each person did in their last ten performances.

RFS   HJK Helsinki
2.8 Match goals average 2.2
1.9 Goals scored per match 1.5
0.9 Goals conceded per match 0.7
1 Both teams scored 4
47’ Minutes / Goal scored 64’


With a bit of imagination, the RFS should be seen as the favorite for the next meeting. The team did well in the first game against HJK and should do even better at home. Yes, the game will be played in someone else’s stadium, but their fans will be there. Destruction is what the HJK will focus on for sure. So, we don’t have to wait until there are a lot of heads.

Bet on Okbet Prediction Match: RFS vs HJK Helsinki

Pick: Total Under(2/2.5) RFS

Odds: 2.19*

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