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OKBET UFC Prediction: Salvador vs Da Silva

December 9, 2022
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OKBET UFC Prediction: Salvador vs Da Silva

The fight between JIU-JITSU expert Vinicius Salvador and striker Daniel Da Silva this December 11 will favor Salvador, according to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) prediction of OKBET.


OKBET Salvador vs Da Silva


Salvador has 14 wins and four losses. Thirteen of those victories were by knockout, and the other through submission. He finished nine of his fights in the first round.

Meanwhile, Da Silva has 11 wins and also has four losses. He has five knockouts with six victories via submission. Ten of those matches were first-round finishes.

The Breakdown

The OKBET UFC prediction has Salvador emerging as the winner. It is because he has yet to lose a fight compared to Da Silva.

Da Silva lost his two fights. One against Victor “El Magnifico” Altamirano by knockout, and the other is through submission, courtesy of Deiveson Figueiredo.

Meanwhile, Salvador, who fought last April 16 and August 3, had won via technical knockout (TKO). His opponents on those dates were Wallace Vampirinho and Shannon Ross, respectively.

Regarding their striking accuracy, however, Da Silva has the advantage. He has landed 61% of his strikes, unlike Salvador, who only had 45%.

The underdog fighter is also good at taking down his opponents. According to the UFC stat sheet, Da Silva has a takedown accuracy of 33%, while his opponent does not.

However, Salvador is not someone you can submit easily. He has a 100% takedown defense and can withstand signature strikes from his opponents 62% of the time.

Unfortunately, in the case of Da Silva, his takedown defense has yet to be recorded. He also cannot protect himself against signature strikes, having only 27%.

In terms of power, the favorite fighter has an average of 4.8 knockdowns while landing 8.43 of his signature strike. On the other hand, his opponent only has a 1.40 takedown average and can land his signature punches 4.29 times.

Regarding their favorite body parts to target, Da Silva loves to attack his opponent’s head, body, and legs. Salvador, however, always aims at the head and the body.

Salvador also has the advantage in stamina, having fought at an average time of 9 minutes and 22 seconds, unlike Da Silva, who only had fights lasting about 3 minutes and 34 seconds.


The OKBET UFC odds had Salvador a 1.49 and Da Silva at 2.63. Based on the prediction, it is better to place bets on the former rather than the latter.

However, it should be wise to anticipate the unexpected, that somehow, the underdog of this fight might cause an upset. Thus, OKBET reminds you to game responsibly.

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