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OKBet Trending News: Conte and Tuchel clashed in Chelsea’s draw with Tottenham

August 16, 2022
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OKBet Trending News: Conte and Tuchel clashed in Chelsea’s draw with Tottenham
OKBet Trending News: Conte and Tuchel clashed in Chelsea's draw with Tottenham

Sunday’s Premier League match between Chelsea and Tottenham ended in a 2-2 tie, but the best action may have come from the two managers.

Harry Kane tied the game in the final seconds, but Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte were the main conversation issues after the game. The OKBet guide to reading sports betting odds has a complete list of the odds for each type of football bet.

The two managers were right next to each other on the sidelines for most of the game. When their teams scored, they cheered in front of the other manager.

Tuchel ran down the sidelines when Reece James gave Chelsea the lead late in the game, but Kane’s late header gave Conte the last laugh.

After the game was over, both managers were given red cards for an incident that would run down in the history of the Premier League.

Why were Conte and Tuchel given red cards?

Conte and Tuchel were about to shake hands at the end of the game, as is customary, but the conversation quickly turned into something else.

Neither of them seemed to want to let go of the other’s hand, and Conte turned around angrily to face Tuchel.

Both managers got into a short fight, and the coaching staff and players had to separate them before referee Anthony Taylor came over and gave them both red cards.

Even though the red cards didn’t change much on Sunday, they will mean neither player will have to sit out their next games.

On August 20, Tottenham will play Wolves at home. On August 21, Chelsea will play at Leeds.

What happened between Conte and Tuchel?

The London derby was full of action on and off the field, with Conte and Tuchel wanting to be the best.

When Tottenham tied the game at 1-1, Conte celebrated in the direction of Tuchel. He went over to talk to the Spurs manager.

Moreover, the next time Chelsea scored, Tuchel ran down the sidelines to celebrate. Tottenham tied the game in the last minute, which gave Conte even more reason to take him out of the game.

Tuchel said after the game that he wasn’t happy that Conte didn’t look at him when they shook hands. But he quickly added that they didn’t have any bad feelings toward each other.

“I thought we looked into each other’s eyes when we shook hands, but he thought differently,” Tuchel told Sky Sports.

“Football is an emotional game. We don’t have to turn up the heat. There are only passionate coaches on the sidelines.

“If we meet, we meet. If not, don’t. Guys, it’s just a competition between two people, and also nothing bad has happened.”

Then, Tuchel told BBC Sport: “There are no hard feelings between Conte and me because I think we both made fair tackles.

History and head-to-head record of Conte vs. Tuchel

Before 2022, these two managers had never played against each other. Since then, they have completed it four times in eight months.

Before their dramatic 2-2 draw, Tuchel had won their first three games against them.

Before that game, none of Conte’s teams had ever scored a goal against Tuchel’s teams.

So, Tottenham’s come-from-behind tie meant a lot to Conte. When his team next plays Tuchel, Conte will finally be hoping to beat him.

The next time Spurs play Chelsea in the Premier League is February 25, 2023. However, they could play each other in a cup game at OKBet sports trending.

Date Fixture/Result Competition
Aug 14, 2022 Chelsea 2-2 Tottenham Premier League
Jan 23, 2022 Chelsea 2-0 Tottenham Premier League
Jan 12, 2022 Tottenham 0-1 Chelsea Carabao Cup
Jan 5, 2022 Chelsea 2-0 Tottenham Carabao Cup

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