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OKBet Trending: Kevin Durant demands big time from Brooklyn Nets

August 10, 2022
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OKBet Trending: Kevin Durant demands big time from Brooklyn Nets
OKBet Trending: Kevin Durant demands big time from Brooklyn Nets

Kevin Durant, the star player of the Brooklyn Nets, has four years under his contract but has put his team in a tight bind. The OKBet guide to reading sports betting odds has a complete list of the odds for each type of basketball bet.

Durant or KD to his teammates had asked team owner Joe Tsai for a change of leadership in the team. After the team’s total loss in April against the Boston Celtics, KD complained to Tsai that he could no longer work with general manager Sean Marks and head coach Steve Nash.

The Athletic says Durant and Nets owner Joe Tsai talked on Saturday in London. They had a “clear and professional” conversation.

It had been a year since Durant signed an extension with the Nets for four years and $198 million on Saturday. Spotrac says that he will make $42.97 million for the 2022-2023 season. Which will be the first year of the new deal.

People say that the Toronto Raptors, Miami Heat, and Boston Celtics are the teams with the most interest in signing Durant.

Two-time NBA Finals Best Valuable Player and four-time Scoring Champion Kevin Durant joined the Brooklyn Nets in 2019 as a free agent. He joined Kyrie Irving there as well. In 55 matches with the Nets last season, Durant averaged 29.9 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 6.4 assists. The Nets traded fellow All-Star James Harden to the Philadelphia 76ers in a blockbuster deal involving Ben Simmons.

Irving is an All-Star seven times and picked up his $36.5 million option, but the Nets may be open to trade offers.

Durant was the league MVP from 2013–2014. In 939 matches with the Seattle SuperSonics (later the Oklahoma City Thunder), the Golden State Warriors (from 2016 to 2019), and the Nets. He averaged 27.2 points, 7.1 rebounds, and 4.3 assists.

In the 1st game of the 2022 playoffs, the Nets has swept by the Celtics.

Durant and the Nets at the Crossroads

The Brooklyn Nets have no one feeling sorry for them.

Not for Joe Tsai, the owner. Not for general manager Sean Marks. Also, not Steve Nash, who coaches the Nets.

When a team gives up on an excellent plan to rebuild in favor of a fast way to title contention based on unpredictable superstars and the results are terrible, the empathy meter doesn’t work.

Kevin Durant, a star player for the Nets, asked for a trade earlier this offseason. He met with Tsai last week in London and repeated his desire for a career. He told Tsai that the team needed to choose between him, Marks, and Nash.

Going after the stars is a gamble. Sometimes the results are tremendous and lead to one or more championships. However, the Nets might lose their luster if Durant leaves the team. Keep reading OKBet sports news for more trending events and the best odds.

The Nets got Durant and Kyrie Irving in the summer of 2019. So they could try to win a championship when Durant returned from his Achilles injury in 2020-21. 

When Brooklyn traded for James Harden in January 2021, it stepped up its goals in this area. Because of injuries and Irving’s choice not to get the COVID-19 vaccine, the three of them only played 16 games together. Because of New York City’s vaccine law, he won’t be able to play in most Nets home games in 2021-22.

The Nets lost in the conference semifinals in 2021 and the first round in 2022. Harden is no longer on the team because he was traded to Philadelphia at the trade deadline for Ben Simmons.

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