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Okbet NBA News: DiVincenzo Signs a 2-year Deal with the Warriors

July 9, 2022
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Okbet NBA News: DiVincenzo Signs a 2-year Deal with the Warriors
Okbet NBA News: DiVincenzo Signs a 2-year Deal with the Warriors

The offseason for the Golden State Warriors has been kind of bittersweet. Even though the team just won a championship, most people have already forgotten or pushed it to the back of their thoughts because of the departures of beloved role players and important contributors. Choose an Okbet NBA News site like that that is safe and secure for your own good.

Kevon Looney chose to stay with the team that drafted him, helped him develop his skills. Gary Payton II decided to retire for financial security, which is a good reason for someone who has worked hard to get where he is. Otto Porter Jr. was always thought to be a one-time signing, a rehab project who would use the prestige of a winning team to get himself back into the spotlight.

When thinking about the Warriors’ recent signing of Donte DiVincenzo to a two-year, $9.3 million contract, which was done to make up for the loss of Payton II, it’s important to remember that they have a knack for taking injured players and turning them into players who make a difference.

Porter Jr. is a case that went well. Shaun Livingston had to be a journeyman because of a terrible knee injury. He eventually joined the Warriors and became a key part of their dynasty. DiVincenzo is the latest project with low risk and high potential payoff.

DiVincenzo doesn’t have Payton II’s pedigree in elite perimeter defense. Porter Jr.’s combination of height and shooting is not something he will be able to do with the Warriors. He may not have the height and length that made Livingston such a valuable part of the Warriors’ ability to switch everything; at 6’4″, he is “decent,” but not above average, and his wingspan is 6’6″.

DiVincenzo’s defensive IQ makes him stand out as a defender

On the other hand, his defensive IQ makes him stand out as a defender. DiVincenzo adds to the intelligence of a team with a lot of it. He plays in an ecosystem that requires a high level of schematic understanding and is led by arguably the best defensive mind to ever play in the NBA. Place your bet now at Okbet NBA News.

Putting a 6’4″ wing as the help-side low man can be counterproductive since players with that build don’t do much to protect the rim. But DiVincenzo makes up for his short length by putting himself in the right place at the right time.

As an off-ball defender, DiVincenzo is known for being in the right place at the right time and thinking ahead. He receives his hands on the ball in tight hallways and blocks bad handoffs and short passes. He has gotten a lot of deflections and steals because he knows where the ball is going and is good at following it. Also, he is a good helper at the nail, the area around the free-throw line. He helps early and stops/digs at middle penetration, sometimes forcing turnovers.

DiVincenzo is not Payton II, which is why he is getting some of the Warriors’ taxpayer mid-level exception. Payton II chose to get $28 million over three years, which he deserved. The Warriors decided to save money instead of having their luxury tax bill go up by $60 million, which could hurt them on the court in the future.

He deserves the chance to prove himself, and the front office deserves the benefit of the doubt after they decide to let go of a well-liked star player on a championship-winning team upset fans. One well-known Okbet NBA News where you can be sure to place a bet at okbet.

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