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OKBet Legit 15% First Deposit Bonus

December 12, 2023
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OKBet Legit 15% First Deposit Bonus


Hello! Have you ever thought about how to begin your online gaming journey in an exciting way? Let me introduce you to the OKBet Legit 15% First Deposit bonus!

Imagine this: when you register at OKBet Online Casino and Sportsbook, you’ll receive an enticing offer – a bonus on your initial deposit. It’s akin to a friendly greeting, except it arrives as extra funds, credits, or advantages added to your first deposit.

This bonus isn’t just an ordinary promotion; it’s your opportunity to enhance your gaming or trading adventure right from the beginning. Get ready as we explore the details of these exciting promotions.



General Mechanics of OKBet Legit 15% First Deposit Bonus

First – Newly registered depositors at OKBet will receive an additional 15% bonus on their initial deposit, capped at a maximum bonus of ₱160.


Second – To claim this bonus, simply contact our customer service team after completing your initial deposit.


Third – To withdraw the bonus amount, players must fulfill a turnover requirement of 1X. This requirement is calculated as follows:


  • You deposit ₱1,000
  • Your bonus is calculated as ₱1,000 (Deposit) X 15% = ₱150
  • Therefore, your turnover requirement is ₱1,000 (Deposit) + ₱150 (Bonus) = ₱1,150


Fourth – This promotional offer will be valid from December 11, 2023, until December 31, 2023.


Who is Eligible and Not Eligible to Join the Promotion?

  • To participate, you need to be a legitimate and authenticated member of OKBet Legit Online Casino and Sportsbook.
  • This promotion excludes company employees and their immediate relatives up to the second degree of relationship, gaming site operators, individuals listed under bans, as well as government officials or employees.


Turnover Requirements

  • Resulting from a tie – Tie outcomes (not included)
  • Placing bets on both outcomes – Betting on both sides or Contra Betting (not included)
  • Games that are voided or canceled – Canceled Matches (not included)

Losing Bet: In case of a loss, the entire bet amount is surrendered.

Winning Bet: When the winnings surpass the initial bet, OKBet will recognize the bet as valid. Yet, if the winnings are lower than the original bet, OKBet will determine the actual winning amount (excluding the stake).


Terms and Conditions of OKBet Legit 15% FDB

  • This offer is valid for Sports, OKGames, and OKLive.
  • In case of detection of any fraudulent or suspicious activities, OKBet Legit reserves the right to shut down the player’s account and nullify any winnings or bonuses.
  • OKBet holds the right to alter or terminate this promotion without prior notice, subject to approval from PAGCOR.
  • OKBet will provide all marketing materials and prizes, with a maximum value capped at ₱160.
  • The standard terms and conditions of OKBet apply.


Wait No More!

Having familiarized yourself with the fundamental workings of OKBet PH 15% First Deposit bonus now is the opportune moment to create an account and commence your online casino experience!


Note: Should you have inquiries or seek further insights into this promotion, don’t hesitate to contact our approachable customer service team.


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