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OKBet Football Trends: Top Australian Players

September 14, 2022
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OKBet Football Trends: Top Australian Players
OKBet Football Trends: The best Australian footballers

Australia is one of a kind when it comes to football. It is the champion of two confederations because it won the OFC Nations Cup four times and then moved to the AFC and won the AFC Asian Cup.

In the 21st century, Australia has been going to the World Cup more often, and Qatar 2022 will be their fifth match in a row.

Many Australian football players love their country and have also impacted football worldwide by playing for big teams and winning many awards.

In this article, we’ll talk about the top five Australian football players thought to be the best in their history.

Harry Kewell

Caps; 58

Goals: 17

Harry Kewell is the best player Australia has ever had. But he also changed the game in Europe in a big way.

Kewell had his best years at Leeds United, which he joined when he was just 15 years old.

He was a tricky winger who could dash and pass the ball well. He also played for Liverpool and Galatasaray in Turkey. Also, he played for six clubs and scored 91 goals in 380 games.

Most importantly, Kewell was named Australia’s best football player ever in 2012. Also, it shows how highly Australians think of him.

In 2001, when Kewell was at the top of his game, he was nominated for the Ballon d’Or. However, It is the most helpful thing any Australian footballer has ever done.

Kewell also started for Liverpool in the 2005 UEFA Champions League final. Therefore, he was the only Australian player to win the tournament, as the Reds returned from a three-goal deficit to win the title of Champions of Europe.

Tim Cahill

Caps: 108

Goals: 50

Tim Cahill is one of the essential people in Australian history, and also he was almost at the top of this list.

With 50 goals, Cahill is the soccer player with the most goals of all time. In the first game of the 2006 World Cup, Australia played Japan, and he scored Australia’s first-ever World Cup goal. He also scored another goal in the same game.

Cahill was often used as a center forward and scored many goals for Millwall and Everton in England. Also, he scored 52 goals for Millwall and 56 goals for Everton.

Even though Cahill is only 5’10, he made a name for himself by scoring with diving headers. Most Everton fans and people back in Australia remember him fondly for these headers.

Mark Schwarzer

Caps: 109

Mark Schwarzer is considered one of Australia’s best soccer players and one of the great goalkeepers in Premier League history.

During his career, Schwarzer played for many well-known teams, such as Chelsea and Leicester City. He was on the Leicester City team that won the Premier League in 2016 against all odds.

Schwarzer has played for Australia more than any other player in history and has the cleanest sheets for the national team (44).

Mark Viduka

Caps: 43

Goals: 11

Mark Viduka’s best years as a player were in the English Premier League.

He played for teams like Leeds United, Middlesbrough, and Newcastle United, but his best time was at Elland Road.

Viduka was able to score 251 goals for six different teams. The most impressive thing Viduka did was also lead the Socceroos to the knockout stage at the World Cup in Germany in 2006.

Viduka was a big center forward who was a target for the defense. He was a nightmare deal. It meant that he scored many goals and helped others achieve a lot.

Brett Emerton

Caps: 95

Goals: 20

Brett Emerton is an integral part of Australian football history. He was Oceania’s football player of the year in 2002 and an A-League All-Star in 2013.

From 1996 to 2004, Emerton played for teams like Feyenoord, Blackburn Rovers, and also Sydney FC, which was in his home country.

During his club career, he played for 490 different teams. Many of these teams were from Europe. He is among the few Aussies to make a name for himself in European Football.

Emerton helped the Socceroos score 20 goals. Emerton was usually a winger, but his great build made him hard to beat, and he was a huge help on defense for every team he has played.

In the end, it was amazing to see how fast he was with the ball and creative. Keep updated in OKBet football trending for more information.

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