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Okbet Bonuses 2022 | Find Best Bet Promotions

June 27, 2022
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Okbet Bonuses 2022 | Find Best Bet Promotions

Okbet is one of the best places to bet on sports, and it serves bettors in the Philippines. Users of okbet can get various bonuses and deals through their website and mobile apps. This article informs you on how to use the most common types of okbet bonuses.

Okbet updates its sports promotions, so check the promotions page for the latest offers. Offers usually consist of free bets on certain events. For instance, you might get a free bet if the team you bet on wins by some other number of points in an NBA game. Money-back specials are often offered, giving you an extra safety net if the match goes into overtime.

There are promotions for a wide range of sports and events, so you’re sure to find something that suits you.

Types of Bonuses at Okbet Sportsbook


As required by PAGCOR rules, all newly registered players must have a security deposit of Php 1,000 frozen in their account for 30 days.


Member A made a SECURITY DEPOSIT of PHP 1,000 and received a PHP 1,000 bonus. 

In this case, Member A only needs to turn over PHP 1,000 = [(PHP 1,000)*1] to be able to withdraw.

After 30 days, the security deposit will be unlocked, and you can take it out whenever you want. This bonus can only be given once per player and must be used right after the deposit and before a withdrawal is requested.

SECOND DEPOSIT 68% BONUS (Php 3,000 Max)

This promotion is only for okbet players making their SECOND DEPOSIT. The minimum deposit is PHP 300, and the biggest bonus you can get is Php 3000. For this bonus, players must contact the OKBET Online Customer Service Team.

Member A made the SECOND DEPOSIT of PHP300. The bonus amount is PHP 204 (PHP 300 multiplied by 68 percent). In this situation, Member A must only meet a requirement of PHP 300 + PHP 204 bonus turnover = [(PHP 504) *1] to withdraw.

This bonus can only be given once per player and must be used after a deposit and before a withdrawal request is made.


Get a 2% rebate on every deposit you make on the okbet platform. Before you can withdraw, you have to make a single bet equal to or more than the deposit rebate.

The offer is open to all OKBET members who have been verified. As required by PAGCOR, the account holder agrees that a Php 1,000 security deposit must be made when the account is opened. This deposit is not refundable for the next 30 days. Then the given time, the account holder can use the money they choose. After the initial deposit, the next deposit must be at least Php 100. After a deposit, the 2% rebate will be added to the verified OKBET account within 24 hours.


Refer A Friend and Get a Bonus (Up to 15%)

You could get up to a 10% bonus on the amount of your friend’s first deposit if you get up to four of your friends to sign up. On the other hand, if you get 5 or more of your friends to sign up, you can get a 15% bonus on their first deposit. To be able to withdraw, you have to meet the requirements for turning over the bonus once. Each account can get a maximum of PHP 3,000 in invitation bonuses.


OKBET will give active players a special bonus on birthdays to show how much we value our loyal fans.

The player must be a member who plays regularly. Before getting the birthday bonus, you must have made at least three (3) deposits in the last 30 days. The bonus will be given based on the following:

  • Deposits 3x= PHP 500 bonus
  • Deposits above 10x= PHP 2,000 bonus

An OKBET player can only claim this bonus during the month of their birthday. The OKBET player must show our Customer Service Representative at least one valid ID that shows their exact date of birth. Before you can ask to cash out, you have to play with the bonus money first.

Example: PHP 500 bonus x1 turnover= PHP 500 turnover requirement.


A free bet is one where the sportsbook matches the bettor’s first deposit if they bet the total amount on a single game above a specific odds and within a certain amount of time. Okbet bonus gives some new users free bets when they sign up with a promo code or ask for them. These free bets don’t have to be wagered in any way.

Okbet Bonuses on Mobile Apps

Mobile betting apps are becoming more popular in many parts of the world. The online okbet bonus sportsbook didn’t want to be left behind, so they made betting apps that work on Android and iOS devices. The iOS app can downloaded in the Apple Play Store, but Android users must download the.apk file from the okbet website because Google doesn’t allow betting apps. The bonus offers are mostly the same as the online version, as long as the user opts in when signing up.


We’ve looked at the bonuses you can get at okbet and how both new and old players can use them. The sportsbook went a lot of effort into making the offer available to as many people as possible. Once you sign up, you can take advantage of the bonus offers.

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