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NBA Okbet News: Cleveland Cavaliers offers a 3 yr contract to Collin Sexton

July 27, 2022
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NBA Okbet News: Cleveland Cavaliers offers a 3 yr contract to Collin Sexton
NBA Okbet News: Cleveland Cavaliers offers a 3 yr contract to Collin Sexton

NBA Okbet News: Collin Sexton appeared to be a max player a year ago. With Evan Mobley on the horizon and his recent scoring average of 24.3 points per game. It wasn’t difficult to picture him leading a Cavaliers comeback. He sustained a torn meniscus instead, missing most of the season. Darius Garland replaced him as Cleveland’s primary ball-handler. And yet the Cavaliers nonetheless advanced to the postseason without him.

Moreover, Collin’s future is uncertain right now. He had been waiting on the open market as a restricted free agent for almost a month without receiving a compelling offer. He reportedly wanted a deal worth $20 million per year going into the summer. None have come to pass and the Cavaliers have made Sexton a retention offer. But he is unlikely to accept it, according to Chris Fedor of’s report on the Wine & Gold Talk Podcast. Fedor claims that Cleveland’s current offer is about $40 million spread over three years.

NBA News: Collin Sexton

Though this deal would pay Sexton more than the mid-level exception, it would be considerably less than what a point guard of his caliber earns. Sexton would be the NBA’s 30th best-paid point guard with an average salary of $13.3 million annually, behind players like Markelle Fultz and Tyus Jones. Neither has made nearly as much progress as a single player.

However, Sexton’s market was severely constrained when restricted free agency started. No team with cap space was willing to leave itself out of the early free agency derby for a player they might not be able to obtain because Cleveland has the right to match any offer made to Sexton and would have two full days to do so. There are currently just the San Antonio Spurs and the Indiana Pacers left with cap room. Sexton’s only option to leave Cleveland right now is a sign-and-trade until one of them makes him an offer.

NBA Okbet News: Sexton may also accept the one-year qualifying offer Cleveland has to extend to him to keep his limited rights. He would become an unrestricted free agency the following offseason and be able to sign with any team of his choice. Although it wouldn’t be the ideal choice, Cleveland’s young guard now has few other options.

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