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NBA: Curry is Glad that his Injured Shoulder won’t Need Surgery

December 19, 2022
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Stephen Curry, a four-time NBA champion, said Friday that he was glad he wouldn’t need surgery on his partially dislocated left shoulder, but he didn’t know when he would be able to play again.

Curry hurt himself when he tried to steal the ball during Wednesday’s 125-119 loss at Indiana by the NBA champion Golden State Warriors.

On Thursday, an MRI showed how bad the damage was and showed that he wouldn’t need surgery to fix the shoulder.

“Based on my knowledge of shoulder injuries and similar circumstances, not having to have surgery is great news,” Curry said.

“I’ll try to figure out how to get rid of the pain quickly, regain my strength, and ease back into it the right way.”

The two-time NBA Most Valuable Player and star guard, who is 34 years old, said that he would have missed at least the rest of the season if he had needed surgery.

Curry said, “Surgery would have taken four to six months.” “No one was working on that at the moment.”

Curry Injured Shoulder 


Curry will not play again for a long time as he waits for his shoulder to feel better so he can start rehab. “I should simply go about my business and trust our plan,” Curry said.

“I’ve seen a couple of guys whose cases were a little bit worse than most. You have to guess, “Curry said. “Try to keep me from thinking about how long it will be because the injury will tell me.”

Curry said about the possibility of shoulder surgery after the season, “It will tell me if it needs to be done or not.”

Curry has been hurt before, and in 2019 he had surgery on his left hand, so he knows what needs to be done.

“Once you’re no longer in pain, you work on getting your mobility, range of motion, strength, and all that back so you can play basketball again,” Curry said. “When something like this gets hurt, it becomes a little less stable. Just trying to deal with it as best I can.”

Warriors Road Record

When Curry left, the Warriors were 14-15 and 10th in the Western Conference. He led Golden State with 30 points and 6.8 assists per game. And was second in rebounds with 6.6 per game.

Curry said, “It’s up to the other guys to step up.” “Every team has to deal with injuries and missing key players at some point during the season. You have to learn how to do well and enjoy the challenge.

“I have faith that the guys on this team will figure it out.”

The Warriors are awful on the road, with only two wins and thirteen losses. They have the second-fewest wins away from home and are tied for the most losses.

Curry said, “This is a significant stretch because we need to stay as positive and confident in what we’re doing as we can and give ourselves a chance to finish the year strong.”

When asked if it was important for the Warriors to have a.500 records while he was out. Curry said that Golden State’s road troubles were just part of the game.

Curry said, “That’s always a good sound bite because it provides you with a focus point.” “But right now, we want to win a game on the road.”


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