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Making the Impossible, Possible: Greatest Comebacks in NBA Playoff History

May 31, 2023
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The NBA playoff is tough. The level and intensity of the game reach an all-time high once the postseason begins.

Getting that chip is a dream for any team. But with superteams left and right and dynasties getting created with each season, it is hard to cruise across the NBA finish line.

Also, competing for that top seed is definitely worth it once the playoffs begin. Teams that are ranked higher can have homecourt advantage and will face the lower seeds.

One strong team can quickly sweep a weaker team in this seven-game series. Once a team gets a 3-0 standing, most opponents would just give up and try next season.

But, of course, anything can happen in a game of basketball. An underdog can rise to the occasion—like a prey becoming the predator, surprising their opponents, and of course, the punters.

Here are four teams that were able to beat all odds and tie the series after being down 3-0.

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New York Knicks vs. Rochester Royals – 1951 NBA Playoff Finals

Former NBA team, the Rochester Royals, met the New York Knicks during the 1951 NBA Playoff finals. They were looking to make quick work of the Knicks, swiftly taking a 3-0 lead.

In their first game, the Royals showed dominance, beating their opponent to a pulp, 65-92. Arnie Risen led the Royals with 24 points, 15 boards, and five assists.

The same thing happened in Game 2 and Game 3 where they beat the Knicks and take a 3-0 lead.

All hope seemed to have been lost, and it could be an easy NBA title for the Royals. But Connie Simmons of the Knicks had other plans coming into Game 4.

His 26-point performance forced the Royals to bow down and recuperate in Game 5. However, their opponent will not go down as the Knicks won two straight games to tie the series, 3-3.

Although they showed great determination to make a comeback, it failed. The Royals took the win—and the championship—in a tightly contested Game 7, 75-79.

Utah Jazz vs Denver Nuggets – 1994 NBA Playoff Western Semifinals 

Today’s Denver Nuggets is one team that should be taken lightly, and they have been doing it since 1994.

The Nuggets were the first team to make it past the first round despite being a No. 8 seed. In the semifinals, they met the Jazz who were the No. 5.

Now, the Jazz was an absolute beast, dominating the first three games. But they were going for a run with their money, particularly after winning Game 3 by just one point.

And the worst came in Game 4. Denver prevented a four-game elimination, taking Game 5 and even Game 6. 

Sadly, Karl Malone took matters into his hands as he led his Jazz to a Game 7 victory by posting 31 points, 14 rebounds, and six assists.

Dallas Mavericks vs. Trail Blazers NBA Playoff 1st Round

The Portland Trail Blazers were destined to be eliminated by Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks in the first round of the 2004 NBA Playoffs.

The No. 6 Blazers were in serious trouble after Nowitzki led his No. 3 Mavericks to a quick 3-0 lead, having an average lead of 8.7 points per game.

Dallas may have thought they have an easy round and could get a long rest ahead of the semifinals. But they thought wrong.

In Games 4 and 6, the Blazers went on to have huge blowout wins against the Mavericks, with Game 5 having a four-point lead.

But with Game 7 on the line, Nowitzki channeled his inner German Jesus and delivered a 31-point performance to win it all, 107-95.

Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat – 2023 NBA Playoff ECF Finals

Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat were making history in this Easter Conference Finals, beating the Boston Celtics three times despite being the No. 8 seed.

It appeared all said and done, with online sports bettors expecting to have the Heat meet the Nuggets in the Finals. However, the trio of Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Derrick White stepped up and now, the series is tied.

Unfortunately, an injured Jayson Tatum held the Celtics down as they succumbed to the Heat, 84-103.

That being said, no team has yet to make a full comeback without losing the series.

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