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Madden NFL 23 Ratings and Rankings Release in Okbet Football

August 2, 2022
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Madden NFL 23 Ratings and Rankings Release in Okbet Football
Madden NFL 23 Ratings and Rankings Release in Okbet Football

Most NFL teams will start training camps in about a week. Okbet Football is back in the minds of sports fans after a short break if it ever really left. And with that comes getting ready for the new Madden game. But the game for this year, which comes out on August 19, is a little different.

Since the series’ namesake, Hall of Fame coach John Madden, died on December 28, 2021, and EA Sports put Madden on the cover, this year’s game has a feeling of legacy. But Madden always liked the game to be about football and as close as possible to the actual sport, which he loved to coach, teach, and talk about. He was the one who wanted it to start as 11-on-11. He was the one who worked on parts of the video game right up until the day he died.

As the game became more popular in America, some things stood out more than others. Okbet football Player ratings are important. They’ll complain about their rating on social media and sometimes ask those who gave it to them why they did it. The Madden team has a group whose job is to change ratings throughout the year. It’s important.

So that in mind, here are the initial ratings for Madden 23, the best players at each position, and the 99 clubs, which have become an annual honor in the sport.


1. Tom Brady, Buccaneers: 97

2. Aaron Rodgers, Packers: 96

3. Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs: 95

4. Josh Allen, Bills: 92

5. Joe Burrow, Bengals: 90

6. Dak Prescott, Cowboys: 89

7. Justin Herbert, Charges: 88

T-8. Lamar Jackson, Ravens: 87

T-8. Russell Wilson, Broncos: 87

10. Matthew Stafford, Rams: 85

Quarterbacks Reviews

Tom Brady is the older quarterback in the match. He plays it with his kids and has joked about how low his Madden rating is. But the man who extended up in the shadow of the Electronic Arts studios in San Mateo, California, and used to play pickup basketball on the EA campus is still the best quarterback in the game at age 44.

Brady is a 97 for the second season in a row, and last year’s cover athlete moved from second to first. Patrick Mahomes, who was on the cover of Madden 22 with him, fell from a 99 to a 95 and from first to 3rd this year.

NFL Most Valuable Player award

Between Brady and Mahomes is Aaron Rodgers. After winning the NFL Most Valuable Player award for the second year in a row, he kept his overall score of 96 and moved up to No. 2. We won’t be able to play the game well because Rodgers is so good but doesn’t get a 99.

With a score of 92, Josh Allen is No. 4. and He was No. 7 with a score of 88 last season. Joe Burrow led the Bengals to the AFC title and also has a rating of 90, drives into the top 10 at No. 5. Dak Prescott moves from number 8 to number 6, and his score goes from 87 to 89.

At No. 7, with an 88, Justin Herbert joins his draft classmate Burrow in the top 10. Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson are still in the top 10 and have 87. Last year, they both had ratings of 94.

Therefore, the quarterback who won the Super Bowl, Matthew Stafford, rounds out the top 10. He moved from 83 to 85 this season and also into the top 10. Keep updated in Okbet Football for more best odds to bet.

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