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Liverpool Legend Warns Premier League Opponents

December 21, 2022
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The Premier League was in a weird place when it had to cut its season short for the World Cup. Liverpool aren’t in the top four when the season resumes on Boxing Day. However, a Liverpool legend warned Premier League opponents to watch their backs.

Steven Gerrard claimed that the Reds should be over to play the remainder of the season on a high after starting on the wrong foot of this Premier League campaign. He warns the top four clubs at the table not to let their guard down against the Reds.

OKBET Liverpool legend

The Liverpool legend told the club’s media team that he’s confident of the team’s chances to finish strong in the league. He believes that the team’s month-long break and the small pool of World Cup players will make the difference for the Reds.

He also noted that Jurgen Klopp and his staff would have erased the problems that arose during their rocky start. He compared the side’s Dubai camp to a second preseason to better orient the team into how Liverpool plays.

The Reds are 15 points behind league leaders Arsenal. It was obvious to OKBET’s football analysts that they’re still recovering from their attempt at a quadruple last season. New arrival Darwin Nunez is the club’s fifth-best performer at 6.98 behind Alisson, Mohammed Salah, Luis Diaz, and Roberto Firmino.

Liverpool Players Focus on Football Ahead of Sale

The world was rocked when Liverpool decided to sell the club last month. While they’ve changed their stance to find a third partner, the club is still in flux due to the uncertainty of the development.

The team could only focus on what they could control on the pitch. The process can take months, if not years, after all.

“No, look, honestly, we just focus on playing football,” Andy Robertson told the Liverpool Echo. “Obviously, you see the stuff in the press and you see stuff around potential new buyers or that the club has been put up for sale and things like that, but we can’t control it.”

Improved showings from the Liverpool side may convince a party to swoop in and join the FSG in club operations.

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