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Kristiansund BK vs Tromso Predictions in Okbet Football Norway Eliteserien

July 7, 2022
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Kristiansund BK vs Tromso Predictions in Okbet Football Norway Eliteserien
Kristiansund BK vs Tromso Predictions in Okbet Football Norway Eliteserien

Okbet Prediction for Kristiansund BK vs Tromso 8 July 2022 at 12:00 AM


Who will win between Kristiansund and Tromso? This football game will be played on July 8 at midnight. There will be something interesting to look at in this fight. We’ve included details at okbet to help you know what to expect from this article.


The 2 teams have played each other 11 times in the past. Kristiansund was better than 4, but Tromso left the field as the winner in 2. By May 26, 2022, the last face-to-face meeting was on record. The score of that game was 0:0. 14 goals have been scored, and 12 have been given up. Based on our information, let’s look at how the teams are set up.

5 Last Matches Kristiansund BK vs Tromso

5/26/2022 ELITESERIEN Kristiansund -:- Tromso
3/27/2022 ELITESERIEN Kristiansund 0-0 Tromso
10/30/2021 ELITESERIEN Kristiansund 1-1 Tromso
7/1/2021 ELITESERIEN Tromso 0-0 Kristiansund
10/7/2019 ELITESERIEN Tromso 5-0 Kristiansund


Last place in a championship is the worst thing to happen to a team, so Kristiansund’s current spot is not something to be envious of. In Eliteserien, this team was able to get a total of 1 point. In 10 games, they had 0 wins, 1 tie, and 9 straight losses. The team’s performance shows how bad things are even more clearly: they score 0.7 goals per game but give up 2.2. But the 1 is the worst of all. They have given up 54 goals, which is the most. Now they need to figure out what they can do to improve things.


Tromso and her fans will have a hard time with Eliteserien this year. With 13 points, this team is in 11th place in the championship. The main reason for her failures is that she isn’t stable, which is why the team lost twice, tied seven times, and won twice. It’s also important to note that Tromso misses most of the time in the 46-60 range, and he does this a lot (already, 5 goals have been conceded in 11 matches). At the same time, they aren’t perfect. They only score 1.4 goals per game. With such a mediocre game, it’s clear that they’ll have a hard time in every game.


This block allows the user to compare and contrast the statistics of the Kristiansund and Tromso teams based on the results of their last 10 games. The user can look at detailed statistics like the number of wins and losses, the average total, etc.

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In this block, the user can give detailed information about Kristiansund and Tromso, who will participate in the future event. The statistics are based on how each person did in their last ten performances.

Kristiansund   Tromso
3.2 Match goals average 3.6
1.2 Goals scored per match 2.6
2 Goals conceded per match 1
6 Both teams scored 8
75’ Minutes / Goal scored 35’


The bet on the match is the most important part of the prediction. To decide, we looked at the teams’ stats and details of their last games to see their strengths and weaknesses. The football teams localized and localized will probably do something different for this game, which can directly affect how the bet turns out. But we have found a plan that has the least amount of surprises:

Bet on Okbet Prediction Match: Kristiansund vs Tromso

Bet: Total Over(2.5/3) Tromso 

Odds: 2.25*

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