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Kerry’s next move, Mayo’s challenge, Galway and Armagh’s chance

June 27, 2022
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Kerry’s next move, Mayo’s challenge, Galway and Armagh’s chance
Kerry's next move, Mayo's challenge, Galway and Armagh's chance

A little less than three months ago, Kerry left Croke Park with the league trophy, the title of spring champions, and a feeling of optimism as they turned the corner towards the championship. They beat Mayo by 15 points that day, and they haven’t lost any of their big wins since. They are now 12 points ahead of Cork and 23 points ahead of Limerick.

Another provincial crown doesn’t change the fact that they were well ahead of the competition in Munster. It just confirms what we already knew. But the next step is for them to turn that into a run of good play at Croke Park. Burning up the base at home in Killarney is one thing, but Kerry’s performance in the All-Ireland series last year gave them enough reason to be careful now.

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Still, they are a strong group. Fast players lead their defense, Shane Ryan has brought consistency to the goalie position, Diarmuid O’Connor is growing in importance in the middle, and Paul Geaney looks back to his old self up front. Adrian Spillane and Jack Barry have left the team, and Dara Moynihan and David Clifford have joined. Working with his brother Paudie and Sean O’Shea makes it hard for Mayo to solve the problem.

Kerry is in good shape, and now is the time to put to rest worries that they haven’t been on the road enough to reach full speed.

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Mayo’s challenge

We’ve been here before. Mayo stumbled and stuttered through the championship before catching fire when it was most needed. They did some of their best work in the 2017 All-Ireland quarter-final replay against Roscommon and the 2019 Super 8s game against Donegal. Before each of those wins, the team didn’t look very good or consistent. Also, just like in the recent qualifiers against Monaghan and Kildare.

Can they step it up again when things are getting serious? Injuries continue to hurt them, and just like Cillian O’Connor’s absence hurt them in the end against Tyrone last year. It seems that neither Tommy Conroy nor Ryan O’Donoghue is available close to the goal is making them feel the pain. Some of the stars of those old shows of defiance have since retired. So it was never going to be easy to find new ones to replace them. Find the best okbet odds to get the most out of sports betting.

They still have Lee Keegan, who is putting on great shows, and Oisin Mullin. He looked like he was going to Australia in winter. They also still have some hope that they can get better. But because of their shape and Kerry’s, this is a challenging task.

 The opportunity for Galway and Armagh

The quarter-final has caused the most discussion about who will win. The provincial champions did a great job of beating Mayo, Leitrim, and Roscommon after getting promoted from Division 2 before. The qualifier team has bounced back from their loss to Ulster in a big way by beating the current All-Ireland champions and the team that won them in Ballybofey in April.

It’s a matchup with a lot of potential and importance for both sides. Big names are on opposite sides of the draw. At stake is a spot in the All-Ireland semi-final and a possible way to get to the final. Galway hasn’t been in the final since 2001, and the last time they were in the previous four was in 2018. Armagh hasn’t been in the final since 2003, and the last time they were in the previous four was in 2005.

During the time they played, Padraic Joyce and Kieran McGeeney were two of the most well-known people in the game. Even though their teams have been getting a lot of praise this summer, they know they have a big chance to go even further.

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