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Kazuto Loka vs Nietes in Okbet Boxing Betting and Tip

July 11, 2022
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Kazuto Loka vs Nietes in Okbet Boxing Betting and Tip
Kazuto Loka vs Nietes in Okbet Boxing Betting and Tip

Day and time

On July 13, at 5 a.m. ET / 2 a.m. PT, the fight night will start.


The fight will be held in Tokyo, Japan, at the Ota-City General Gymnasium.

The scheduled rematch between WBO junior bantamweight champion Kazuto Ioka and former champion Donnie Nietes will take place on July 13 at Tokyo’s Ota-Metropolis Basic Gymnasium. You are simply selecting one player to win the match outright. When you bet on the moneyline for Okbet Boxing Betting at Tip.

Ioka (28-2, 15 KO) was controversially defeated by Nietes (43-1-6, 23 KO) on New Year’s Eve after 2018 in Macau. Nietes, who is now 40, didn’t fight again until he returned in April 2021, and in his two fights since then, he hasn’t exactly performed well. In December last year, he tied Norbelto Jimenez and defeated Pablo Carillo.

However, the WBO ordered the fight a couple of months ago, which is now taking place. Ioka won the WBO title over Aston Palicte in June 2019 and has successfully defended it against Jeyvier Cintron, Kosei Tanaka, Francisco Rodriguez Jr., and Ryoji Fukunaga.

Ioka, 33, is a recognized four-division world champion who has won championships in the 105, 108, 112, and 115 weight classes. Nietes has accomplished the same thing. However, his fourth division came with the victory over Ioka, which was once more highly contentious.

Although Probellum hasn’t confirmed any international TV or streaming rights for the fight, they may webcast the match outside Japan. 

Kazuto Loka vs Nietes Preview

The WBO title fight between Donnie Nietes and Kazuto Ioka will take place four years after their previous title fight.

If Donnie Nietes successfully defends the WBO world junior bantamweight title next month. He will open a new chapter in his incredible boxing career.

On July 13, the former four-weight world champion will face Kazuto Ioka in Tokyo for the title he earned over the Japanese superstar in 2018 via a split decision.

Nietes would give up the championship shortly after the fight, allowing Ioka to claim the empty crown. Over four years later, the two continue their battle at the Ota-City General Gymnasium in an exciting matchup of 115-pound greats.

Sankyo presents LIFETIME BOXING FIGHTS 9 will promote the fight.

“This was the battle I wanted the most, and I’m anxious to get back my world title,” declared Donnie Nietes.

“I’ve been training for this fight since February, but once it was confirmed, I ramped things up.

“I’m looking forward to this rematch, and although though I relinquished the title in 2018, I always planned to win it back at some point. That wish will come true on July 13.”

The 40-year-old Nietes has won world championships at minimum weight, light flyweight, and up at 115 pounds, where he will face Ioka again.

“Donnie is a boxing great and a sure-fire future Hall of Fame inductee,” said Richard Schaefer, President of Probellum.

“However, his career is far from done; he still has plenty left in the tank. On July 13, when he flies to Japan and defeats Kazuto Ioka for the world championship, it will go down as his outstanding career’s biggest triumph. Keep updated in Okbet Boxing Betting and Tip for more chances of winning.

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