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Japan Exodus has Hurt The PBA Gilas

October 10, 2022
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Japan Exodus has Hurt The PBA Gilas

There was a meeting between officials from the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) and their colleagues from the B.League in Tokyo.

And during the meeting, the PBA Gilas delegation led by chairman Ricky Vargas and commissioner Willie Marcial made it known to the Japanese that the “friendship” between the two leagues was affected by the ongoing exodus of Filipino players to their league. It was communicate to the Japanese by the PBA Gilas contingent.

“Collaboration is the name of the game. Recent occurrences in which our players accepted offers to play in Japan have been detrimental to our league and the training and growth of our national team, according to Vargas.

Our friendship may damaged if we continue to engage Philippine players in this manner without first receiving authorization from our league.

Kiefer Ravena (Shiga), Bobby Ray Parks (Nagoya), Matthew Wright (Kyoto), Greg Slaughter (Fukuoka), Roosevelt Adams (Kagawa), and Jay Washington are the five former PBA Gilas players that are now schedule to participate in the 2022-2023 B.League season (Ryukyu). Another player from Nagasaki to select for the PBA is Jordan Heading.

In addition, because players of the caliber of Dwight Ramos, Justine Baltazar, Thirdy Ravena, and Kobe Paras are now competing in Japan, the most recent draft significantly weakened.

Vargas advised the B.League, led by chairman Shinji Shimada that each team should also observe FIBA rules and set a border between the two leagues. It was the case even though the B.League granted a vacation from FIBA play during the windows.

According to an interview that Vargas gave to, he stated that “as nicely neighbors, the path of partnership is consistently the best approach to address our disagreements.”

PBA Gilas party includes Blackwater team

In addition, members of the PBA Gilas party include Blackwater team owner Dioceldo Sy, PBA governors Robert Non of San Miguel Beer, Alfrancis Chua of Barangay Ginebra, Rod Franco of NLEX, Bill Pamintuan of Meralco, Erick Arejola of NorthPort, Bobby Rosales of Terrafirma, Chito Salud of Converge, Raymond Zorrilla of Phoenix Fuel, and Silliman Sy of Blackwater, deputy commissioner Eric Castro.

Despite this, Shimada is not making any promises and instead states, “As Commissioner (Marcial) advised, we keep the conversation continuing.”

The report that the PBA Gilas provided centered on the need to honor the players’ contracts. And they had signed with their respective teams and the commitment. That players had made to play for the national team.

In a statement, Vargas explained that the purpose of their visit was to reach out for mutual respect. And develop relations for the betterment of both leagues.

The chairman went on to say that the crucial term is cooperation. Recent occurrences in which our players accepted offers to play in Japan. Have detrimental to our league and the development of our national team’s training.

East Asia Super League (EASL)

After initially sitting down together in June of last year. During the drawing of lots for the East Asia Super League (EASL). The two sides finally met face to face for the second time in this meeting.

Kiefer Ravena, Ray Parks, and most recently. Matthew Wright, Greg Slaughter, and Roosevelt Adams are just some of the PBA players. Who have found success in the B League during the past two years. Other players who have followed in their footsteps include Roosevelt Adams.

Even worse, Ravena accepted the offer from Shiga Lakes while still under contract with NLEX. Which caused the situation to become even more contentious.

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