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Horsens vs Lyngby Denmark Super League 7/26/22 Match Previews, Odds and Okbet Predictions

July 25, 2022
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Horsens vs Lyngby Denmark Super League 7/26/22 Match Previews, Odds and Okbet Predictions
Horsens vs Lyngby Denmark Super League 7/26/22 Match Previews, Odds and Okbet Predictions

Okbet Prediction for Horsens vs Lyngby 26 July 2022


Lyngby vs. Horsens okbet prediction in a football game will start at 1:00 AM on July 26. Check through every statistical analysis properly because it is how we were able to prepare the most effective wager for this game.


Therefore, On May 7, 2022, their final game has conducted. Then, the final score was 2:1. So, if we look at the complete history of head-to-head matches, it shows that there have been 34 games, in which they won 18 games, Lyngby won 10 games, and even in 6 encounters, the opponents were unable to determine who was the strongest, and the games ended in draws. Also, according to goal scoring and goal conceded statistics, the difference is 49 to 41.

    Horsens 49 goals   Lyngby 41 goals
05/07/2022 1st Divison Horsens 2:1 Lyngby
04/16/2022 1st Divison Lyngby 1:2 Horsens
10/23/2021 1st Divison Horsens 0:1 Lyngby
08/29/2021 1st Divison Lyngby 1:2 Horsens
05/09/2021 Superligaen Lyngby 3:4 Horsens


Moreover, Superligaen draw as of right now is unconvincing. The team’s goal was not to earn 3 points and place 4 in the table. So, they could win 1 of the championship’s 1 games, tie 0 others, and lose 0. Therefore, such poor results are simply explained by the average number of goals scored and conceded, 1 and 0, respectively. Also, we will soon learn what they will be able to do to their opponent in this encounter.


Moreover, Lyngby will enter the middle peasant status of the competition for the first round’s Superligaen encounter. It is crucial to note that with a slightly more consistent performance from this team, its results may be considerably more reliable. However, this team is in sixth place in the table with 1 scored point, 0 victories in its assets, 1 draw, and 0 losses. Their average goals scored and goals allowed per game during the season are 2 and 2, respectively, and it has hoped that the team will make every effort to enhance their performance.


Here at okbet, let’s review all that was said. Their football teams had well analyzed, yet this game still has a surprise factor. Then, no team will want to lose by just three points. Therefore, if an unexpected outcome occurred, we wouldn’t be shocked. However, we discovered a wager option that has a great chance of winning:

Bet on Okbet Prediction Match: Horsens vs Lyngby

Pick Horsens Odds: 2.14

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