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Gary Payton II left the Warriors for the Blazers Deal in OKBet NBA

July 7, 2022
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Gary Payton II left the Warriors for the Blazers Deal in OKBet NBA
Gary Payton II left the Warriors for the Blazers Deal in Okbet NBA

Shams Charania of The Athletic suggests that the Portland Trail Blazers are giving former Golden State Warriors guard Gary Payton II a three-year, $28 million deal. Payton deserves his pay because he was one of the most exciting players of the 2021–22 season. After spending most of his career on 10-day contracts and in the G-League, he finally found a steady role as a defensive stopper and an unusual pick-and-roll threat with the Warriors. He helped Golden State win a championship, and now he’s going to the Pacific Northwest to use his skills there. OKBet is one of the best sites we can recommend if you’re looking for a place to bet online that always has excellent OKBet NBA odds.

On paper, the fit is pretty good. Payton knows that part of the country well because his father, Gary Payton, used to be a star player for the Seattle Supersonics. Both Payton went to Oregon State for college. And now the younger Payton is returning to Oregon to join a Blazers team trying to build around Damian Lillard.

Meanwhile, Golden State just lost its best perimeter defender. Klay Thompson used to be the player the Warriors counted on to chase the best scorer on the other team around the court. However, after suffering multiple serious injuries. He no longer has the quickness to keep up with most top guards at this point in his career. The Warriors will have to find a replacement or hope one of their younger players can fill that role. Try your luck now at OKBet NBA to win the best odds for you.

Gary Payton II signs with the Blazers

The Warriors can still try to sign another defender using the taxpayer mid-level exception, but they already had the highest salary in NBA history last year. This season, they will have to pay the repeater tax again. At some issue, they will have to draw a financial line somewhere. They didn’t want to pay Payton $9 million per year, so they’ll have to watch him play for their conference rival in Portland.

No one should blame Payton for taking his first and maybe last chance to make a lot of money in the NBA. Especially since he had already played for four teams for six years. Last year, he played the same number of games in the regular season as he had in his whole career up to that point. It’s a big raise that they deserve. You might doubt his fast-paced style and the risk of getting hurt. But the cheap shot from Brooks was his only serious injury. And sure, you might wonder why he’s a point guard on defense but almost a power forward on offense. Why his outside shooting is getting worse before next season starts, or why he’ll be 30 before next season starts.

Barnes and Bogut had to go to make room for Kevin Durant

But this is the first time anyone can remember that the Warriors cheated on a key player while trying to win a championship. Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut had to go to make room for Kevin Durant. Andre Iguodala was traded to Memphis (starting a feud between the teams). After the Durant sign-and-trade hard-capped the team’s salary cap. However, they didn’t get rid of players to save money. People have wondered what the limit might be on how much the team can spend. The luxury tax that the team pays is huge.

We’ve reached the end. Gary Payton II makes $9 million a year. It means letting a key player go because he costs too much to keep. Even though GPII is a key piece and Steph Curry, who is 34, is still in his prime. Even though we heard for weeks how good the Warriors’ championship run was for the owners. We now know Lacob and Guber have a spending limit. Check out our list of the top OKBet NBA betting odds.

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