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Facundo Campazzo says the “Door” for Real Madrid is not closed

June 28, 2022
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Facundo Campazzo says the “Door” for Real Madrid is not closed
Facundo Campazzo says the "Door" for Real Madrid is not closed

Real Madrid, meanwhile, is looking for a point guard. Facundo Campazzo just finished his second season with the Denver Nuggets, which was the best he has had in a while. He is currently without a team. The leaders of the Madridista group want to hand over control of the team to the Argentine. He would work well with Sergio Rodriguez. But right now, it’s an impossible dream because “Facu” wants to keep playing in the NBA. And this is how their agents have told the white club every time they’ve looked into it. You need to find the best odds to make the most money from sports betting like okbet NBA betting.

Facu Campazzo is focused on the Argentine team, where he became a captain in the absence of School. While he waits for the start of NBA free agency to find out what will happen with him in the league. The Cordovan point guard wants to stay in the U.S., and it looks like he will be able to keep playing in the league. In an interview with the Argentine news outlet TN Sports, he said he wasn’t obsessed with staying in the NBA. And it wouldn’t rule out going back to Europe if he didn’t get any offers there. Must learn how to make more money with okbet download.

When asked about a probable return to Spain if he doesn’t get offers from the NBA, Campazzo said, “Going back to Europe wouldn’t hurt at all, and I don’t close any doors.” “It would be silly of me to be crazy about staying in the NBA. You might not even have any offers. I’ve always felt like Real Madrid was my second home, but I had to wait. I have no other choice; that’s the truth.”

The mystery of Real Madrid

Campazzo didn’t hesitate when asked if the Real Madrid basketball team had the same aura as the football team. It is a club that asks you to fight for important things and makes you give your all from the first game. And she has a lot of fun. They provide you with everything you need so that all you have to worry about is what happens on the field. Use this page to check out today’s best NBA odds at top online sportsbooks like okbet.

He doesn’t lose sleep over not knowing if any NBA teams will offer him a contract or, if they do, what they expect from him or what role he will play on the team. “I don’t know what I’ll be able to do, but I do know what won’t happen. No team will tell me, “Well, you’re the starting point guard” or “You’re going to be in charge of the second unit.” Maybe the same thing happened when I was younger and had to work hard to join the team. But I like how it keeps me awake and from falling asleep. I’ll make the best choice from there.”

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Your happiness and those of your family come first

Campazzo wants to keep playing in the NBA because he still wants to keep playing and get more playing time in the best league in the world. And also because of your family, since your partner, Consuelo, and your daughter Sara have done so well there. That makes you put his going back to Europe on hold, at least for now.

“I care more about being happy there. I’ve never let money get in the way of my happiness, and I’ve always done things to make my dreams come true. “When I moved from Real Madrid to the U.S. It was my dream. But I had to think about many things, like my family and what I would be giving up. I tried as tough as I could to think well.”

And the fact that his family is happy there helps him a lot to want to stay: “I think staying in the NBA in the same way. Aside from basketball, my family changed well to life in the U.S., and those two years were excellent. And if they’re fine, I feel a lot better,” he said.

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