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Examining Suspicion: Is the NBA Scripted?

August 28, 2023
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Examining Suspicion: Is the NBA Scripted?


The National Basketball Association is probably one the most prestigious basketball leagues in the world. The NBA is taken with high regards considering that every basketball player in the world wants to be drafted in one of its 30 teams. There are many success stories in terms of teams, players and the league itself.

However, in recent years, some intriguing events within the NBA have led to suspicions about the league’s authenticity. In this article, we will look into various aspects that may suggest a predetermined nature to the NBA’s operations. From remarkable comeback stories to strategic roster moves, there are instances that prompt questions about the league’s legitimacy—is the NBA scripted?


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LeBron James: The Prodigal Son

LeBron James‘ journey from being the prodigal son of the Cleveland Cavaliers to leading a seemingly underwhelming Cavaliers team to remarkable heights raises questions. His consistent success despite roster deficiencies raises suspicions about whether the NBA encourages his narrative as a savior and icon. As a matter of fact, when he returned to Cleveland, he gave them their first championship, coming back from a 0-3 deficit against the Golden State Warriors. While some may argue that his unparalleled talent explains his achievements, skeptics may see a scripted trajectory.



The Success of Major Cities

The NBA’s profitability heavily relies on major cities’ success. Teams in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, and Miami carry historical significance and dedicated fan bases. This dynamic introduces the possibility that the league might prioritize ensuring these cities’ teams remain competitive to maximize viewership and financial gains.


Narrative-Driven Success Stories

Before one of the most devastating forces of nature came to New Orleans way back in 2005 (Hurricane Katrina), the New Orleans Hornets were one of the worst teams in the NBA. But years after the surge, the team became one of the most dominant teams in the league. They stand at 56 wins and 26 losses and have made it to the second round of the playoffs. While this may seem serendipitous, it raises eyebrows about the league’s role in crafting narrative-driven successes to keep fans engaged.



Fueling Rivalry

The blockbuster trades that propelled the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers into championship contention are notable. The Celtics’ acquisition of Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen and the Lakers’ snagging of Pau Gasol sparked significant success. Skeptics argue that these moves could have been orchestrated to benefit the league’s marquee franchises and create championship rivalries.



Unlikely Odds and Chicago’s Miracle

Chicago’s unlikely victory in obtaining the first pick in the 2008 NBA draft despite having a mere 2% chance raises eyebrows. They gained hometown favorite Derrick Rose, who, by the way, was one of the most highly anticipated point guard prospects during that year. If it weren’t for the injuries that Derrick Rose got, they could have been revived from their glory days when they had Michael Jordan. The selection of a highly touted hometown prospect only adds to suspicions of scripting to ensure that one of the league’s major markets remains competitive.




While this article presents various points of suspicion about the authenticity of the NBA’s operations, it’s essential to remember that skepticism doesn’t equate to certainty. The NBA remains a business, and crafting storylines to captivate audiences and generate revenue is a standard practice in the entertainment industry. While some occurrences might seem scripted, definitive proof is required. As consumers of the league’s entertainment product, it’s important to maintain a balanced perspective while enjoying the excitement that the NBA brings to fans worldwide. So you decide whether the NBA is scripted or not.


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