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Crusaders vs Magpies UEFA Conference League 07/15/22 | Okbet Match Previews, Odds, and Predictions

July 14, 2022
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Crusaders vs Magpies UEFA Conference League 07/15/22 | Okbet Match Previews, Odds, and Predictions
Crusaders vs Magpies UEFA Conference League 07/15/22 | Okbet Match Previews, Odds, and Predictions

Okbet Prediction for Crusaders vs Magpies 15 July 2022 at 3:00 AM


Predictions for Crusaders vs. Magpies. A Conference League game will be played at the Seaview Stadium in Northern Ireland. The Crusaders from the area will also play against the Magpies club from Gibraltar.

Before the game starts, what do you need to know about the teams?


The clubs had never played each other before the game in Gibraltar. The Magpies, who were thought to be the underdog, won the first game. The score was 2:1.

7/8/2022 UEFA Europa Conference League Magpies  2-1  Crusaders


The Crusaders wanted to return to the glory days of European football when they often played Champions League and the Europa League qualifying rounds. But this will be their first European season since the 19/20 season when they played Wolverhampton Wolves in qualifiers for the Europa League. In a recently friendly match, the hosts lost 3-0 to St. Mirren, which is surprising because it was the only test match for the hosts during the offseason.


Magpies didn’t even play in any friendly games for two months, and the guests’ last match was in the first week of May. In this way, we can say that the Gibraltarians were very surprised in the first game since not much was expected of them. The fact that Magpie’s weakest link in the head coach position is just as important. Nathan Rooney was hired as manager in the middle of the last season, and he still sometimes makes surprising tactical choices. Also, the 32-year-old coach is one of the youngest to enter the Conference League.


This block allows the user to compare and contrast the Crusaders and FCB Magpies teams’ statistics based on the results of their last 10 games. The user can look at detailed statistics like the number of wins and losses, the average total, etc. Therefore, Keep updated on Okbet Football Betting Odds.


Moreover, the user can give detailed information about the Crusaders and FCB Magpies participating in the upcoming event in this block. The statistics are based on how each person did in their last ten performance.

Crusaders   Magpies
3.9 Match goals average 2.8
2.2 Goals scored per match 1.7
1.7 Goals conceded per match 1.1
8 Both teams scored 5
42’ Minutes / Goal scored 53’


What does it mean? The game is between two clubs that want to play on the European stage but don’t have much experience. It is the first time in record that the Magpies play in Europe, and the Crusaders have had a lot of bad fortune there. The hosts also did not play well in a recent friendly against St. Mirren, so they are not likely to win. We think you can take a chance and choose to go for a draw.

Bet on Okbet Prediction Match: Crusaders vs FCB Magpies

Pick: Crusaders

Odds: 1.48*

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