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CFR Cluj vs Pyunik UEFA Champions League 07/14/22 | Okbet Match Previews, Odds, And Predictions

July 13, 2022
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CFR Cluj vs Pyunik UEFA Champions League 07/14/22 | Okbet Match Previews, Odds, And Predictions
CFR Cluj vs Pyunik UEFA Champions League 07/14/22 | Okbet Match Previews, Odds, And Predictions

Okbet Prediction for CFR Cluj vs Pyunik UEFA Champions League on 14 July 2022 at 02:30 AM


CFR Cluj vs. Pyunik prediction. On July 14, 2022, the match will be played. Let’s look at the teams’ most recent results and determine how likely they will win the next meeting at  Okbet odds and predictions.

In the Champions League qualifying round, the two games will be played by each other again. Each team has a chance to move on to the next round after the first match.


Last week was the only time the two teams played each other. Then, CFR Cluj was thought to be the favorite, even though the game was in Yerevan. The away team had more possession and came closer to scoring, but it ended 0-0.

Last Match of CFR Cluj vs Pyunik

7/6/2022 UEFA Champions League Preliminary  Pyunik  0-0  CFR Cluj


During the preparation time, CFR Cluj seemed sure of itself. He won all the friendly games and didn’t let anyone score on him. The team also kept its gates shut against Pyunik, but it lost the Romanian Super Cup to Sepsi by a score of 1:2 a few days later. Also, CFR Cluj took the lead in the second minute, but they could not keep it.


Pyunik is Armenia’s best player. Also, Ararat-Armenia was only behind by one point. And the rest of the teams were more than 20 points behind. This year, Pyunik hasn’t lost yet. With a draw in the Champions League qualification, we were able to keep this series going. But the team rarely put the goal of the other team in danger.


This block allows the user to compare and contrast the stats of the CFR Cluj and Pyunik teams based on the results of their last ten games. The user can look at detailed statistics like the number of wins and losses, the average total, etc.


In this block, the user can give detailed information about CFR Cluj and Pyunik, who will participate in the future event. The statistics are based on how each person did in their last ten performances.

2.7 Match goals average 2.1
2 Goals scored per match 1.5
0.7 Goals conceded per match 0.6
4 Both teams scored 5
45’ Minutes / Goal scored 60’


CFR Cluj is the clear winner of this matchup. He has to score this time. At the same time, there is only one way to win. Even though the team didn’t score many goals in friendly games, they won because they didn’t let anyone else achieve. In the home game, Pyunik looked weak, especially in attack. He will not score in the next game either.

Bet on Okbet Prediction Match: CFR Cluj vs Pyunik

Pick: CFR Cluj

Odds: 1.22*

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