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CA Platense vs Central Cordoba SdE 7/20/22 Match Previews, Odds and Okbet Predictions

July 19, 2022
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CA Platense vs Central Cordoba SdE 7/20/22 Match Previews, Odds and Okbet Predictions
CA Platense vs Central Cordoba SdE 7/20/22 Match Previews, Odds and Okbet Predictions

Okbet Prediction for CA Platense vs  Central Cordoba SdE 20 July 2022


The set to start whistle for this football match will be smashed at 3:30 a.m. on July 20. The important facts about this fight that we could find and carefully analyze are detailed below.


The upcoming rivals competed in five matches. Therefore, Platense took one victory, while Central Cordoba took two. By the way, there were two draws between teams. The teams last met on August 22, 2021, and the score was 2:2. The goal difference was 3-4. Let’s look at the current state of the teams to get a sense of what to expect from the upcoming opponents and also to speculate on possible scenarios.

08/22/2021 Primera Division Central Cordoba 2:02 Platense
04/03/2021 Copa de la Superliga Central Cordoba 0:01 Platense
05/13/2019 Primera B Nacional Platense 0:01 Central Cordoba
05/05/2019 Primera B Nacional Central Cordoba 0:00 Platense
02/03/2019 Primera B Nacional Central Cordoba 1:00 Platense


Moreover, they scored 14 points and finished eighth in the Primera Division thanks to three wins, five draws, and zero losses. On average, they score 1 goal per game at home, but this is insufficient to achieve maximum results. Because they has already scored three goals, their opponent needs to be as focused as possible with 76-90 for a minute. And they, in turn, are more cautious with 4 minutes, having missed 0.6 during this period. Therefore, let’s see what they have left in this match.


However, the current Primera Division draw for Central Cordoba Sde is inconclusive. The 8 points earned and the 20th place in the table are not the desired results for this team. They were also able to finish two matches in their favor, two in a draw, and four matches in a loss throughout the championship. Also, the average number of goals scored and conceded: 9 versus 12 missed, explains such poor results. We’ll find out soon enough what they’ll be able to oppose in this match.


Therefore, we have identified the strengths and weaknesses of the football teams CA Platense and Central Cordoba SdE. Based on these data, we anticipate a relatively bright, eventful, and also full of struggle match. Also, finding the right bet for such games is extremely difficult, as clubs can always create some sensation. However, we have chosen one bet that we believe will be successful:

Bet on Okbet Prediction Match: CA Platense vs  Central Cordoba SdE

Pick CA Platense Odds: 2.28

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