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Boxing Champ Manny Pacquiao Sees ‘Potential’ in Jordan Clarkson

December 14, 2022
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Former pound-for-pound boxing champ Manny Pacquiao went viral after tweeting his reaction to fellow Filipino and NBA player Jordan Clarkson’s December 8 fiasco on the court.

The Golden State Warriors missed vital players like Stephen Curry, Andrew Wiggins, and Draymond Green during the match against the Utah Jazz. However, they had an outstanding performance, with Jonathan Kuminga having an exceptional night, finishing with a career-high 24 points in 10 out of 13 shooting.

Pacquiao, 43, saw what happened in the final seconds of the matchup between the Warriors and the Jazz. It all began when Kuminga of the Warriors met Clarkson, who drove to the basket to tie the score to 121 apiece.

The Filipino NBA player attempted a shot near the free throw line but got deflected by his defender. Kuminga acquired possession of the ball, with Clarkson hard fouling him.


OKBET Manny Pacquiao sees potential in Jordan Clarkson


That’s where the heated exchange started.

The young Warriors player did not like Clarkson’s hard foul, shoving the Filipino player away from him. The Pinoy, in turn, did not like it either. He balled his fists and was ready to fight Kuminga.

GSW guard Donte DiVincenzo veered his teammate away from the furious Utah Jazz player. Clarkson wanted a piece of the high-flying Warrior, chasing him near half-court before calming down.

It is common in contact sports that some players get into altercations. But what went viral was the stance of the Filipino player — feet wide apart and hands cupped — a typical pose for Pinoys who want to brawl.

After the match between the two teams, Clarkson immediately became a hot topic on various sports news outlets.

He also became a meme, with Bleacher Report looking back at his previous scuffle while still with the Los Angeles Lakers. They captioned their Instagram post, “Jordan Clarkson always squaring up.”

The post from Bleacher received a response from Pacquiao, who has seen his fair share of brawls.

“I see potential,” commented the Filipino boxing legend.

Netizens also hopped on the issue, with one particular Twitter user noticing that Kuminga was laughing at the Jazz player.

Jazz Still Got the Last Laugh Though

Before the comment from the boxing champ Manny Pacquiao and before everyone else was amused by Clarkson’s antics against Kuminga, the Utah Jazz defeated the 2022 NBA champions 124-123.

The Warriors were clinching a one-point lead against the Jazz when Jordan Poole lost the ball with 4.3 seconds remaining. Now with 1.4 seconds on the clock, a Simone Fontecchio dunk via Malik Beasley put his team in the lead, thus winning the game.

It also costs OKBET bettors money after a surprising win by the home team.

The Golden State Warriors are now 13-13, while the Utah Jazz is 15-12.

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