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Warriors versus Grizzlies now 1-0

December 30, 2022
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In their recent win versus the Memphis Grizzlies, the Golden State Warriors proved that they are still one of the top-contending teams in the NBA. They beat the young Grizzlies on Christmas Day, 123-109.

Earlier in this blog, we questioned whether the ‘21-’22 NBA champs could keep up with young teams. Dylan Brooks even said, “We’re young, and they’re getting old,” which we thought they could back up once they face each other this regular season.

However, his assumption was wrong. The Warriors easily crushed the Grizzlies, even without Stephen Curry, who is out with a shoulder injury, and Andrew Wiggins.

Throughout their entire match, Ja Morant and his team could not get the lead. They even let the Curry-less Warriors be ahead of as many as 17.

Brooks only had 13 points that game, paired with an assist and three rebounds. He was also inefficient at the three-point line that night, shooting only 17%, or 1-out-of-6.

Meanwhile, Klay Thompson, who previously retaliated to the Grizzlies’ antics, was motivated despite not shooting well. He finished with 24 points, four assists, and nine rebounds in 8-25 shooting.

The most impressive in that game was Jordan Poole. He recorded 32 points, three rebounds, and two dimes.

The bench of the Warriors had a good performance as well. Ty Jerome, Moses Moody, and Anthony Lamb were in double digits, with 14, 10, and 11, respectively.

Donte DiVincenzo also made an impact that night. He not only pestered Ja Morant but also demolished the Grizzlies with his three-point shooting. He had 19 points in 7-12 shooting, chucking five threes in nine attempts.

For the regular season, the score between the two teams is 1-0 in favor of GSW. The Warriors are now 16-18, while the Grizzlies are 20-12.

OKBET Warriors still better than Grizzlies

Thompson vs. Grizzlies

It can be recalled that during the ‘21-’22 regular season, Warrior guard Thompson had beef with Grizzlie wing Brooks. This was after the latter called themselves a “dynasty” after beating the Warriors at home last March and said the same after meeting in the Western semifinals.

The veteran guard taunted Brooks by staring down at him during the final minutes of their match last December 25. At a post-match interview, Thompson clapped back at the Grizzlies’ third-scoring option, describing the team as “premature” to be” called a “dynasty.”

“Man, they were talking about dynasty and all that. You can’t talk dynasty when you haven’t won before. I don’t think people realize how hard that is, the commitment and sacrifice it takes.

“I mean, you’ve got to sacrifice your body. And I thought that was premature to talk, to even mention that word. But they bring the best out of us, and I think we do the same. And even though we don’t like them, got to respect them because they’re a threat.”

Thompson also brushed up with Jaren Jackson for supposedly mocking the Warriors’ motto, “strength in numbers.”

Morant then took a swipe at the NBA champ last week. He said, “Nah, I’m fine in the West,” after being asked which team would give him a problem earning the title.

Luckily, Thompson did not see the interview with the young superstar.

Unbeatable at Home but not on the Road

The Warriors are racking up win after win when they are at home. As of this writing, the GSW has won 13 and only lost only twice.

That is the case whenever they are at the Chase Center. However, the Warriors were awful when on the road, winning only three times out of their 19 away games.

The Curry-led team has now beaten Boston Celtics and the Grizzlies. They also won against Utah Jazz at home, who beat them in an away game.

Whenever they are on the road, they are terrible. GSW only averaged 105.1 points per game (PPG) on the road. At home, they have 113.4 PPG.

The Warriors even had a five-game losing streak on the road.


The Warriors and Grizzlies will still meet three more times in the regular season. So far, GSW has the lead 1-0.

OKBET players have to wait to see who among the two will win in their face-offs in the coming months. Nevertheless, Morant and his team are comfortably in the lead, with the Golden State Warriors lagging.

But in basketball, anything can happen. The Grizzlies might have some teeth and bite back at the much-experienced Golden State Warriors, or they just bark but not bite.

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