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Sandefjord vs Kristiansund Norway Eliteserien 7/28/22 Match Previews, Odds and Okbet Predictions

July 27, 2022
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Sandefjord vs Kristiansund Norway Eliteserien 7/28/22 Match Previews, Odds and Okbet Predictions
Sandefjord vs Kristiansund Norway Eliteserien 7/28/22 Match Previews, Odds and Okbet Predictions

Okbet Prediction for Sandefjord vs Kristiansund 28 July 2022


Okbet Prediction for Sandefjord vs. Kristiansund  The football game begins on July 28 at 1:00 AM. We have evaluated all the required statistical information that could impact the result of this meeting to determine the best betting option.


The last head-to-head match has held on May 30, 2022, and the final score was 3:2. The overall statistics of head-to-head matches mention 15 games, in which 2 won 2 games each. Still, Kristiansund defeated the potential opponent in 9 games, and in the return games, the teams were dispersed over the globe and did not show who was the strongest. Therefore, total goals scored by the teams were 18–26. So let’s now look at their most recent results.

    Sandefjord 17 goals   Kristiansund 26 goals
01/06/2021 Eliteserien Sandefjord 3:2 Kristiansund
07/19/2021 Eliteserien Kristiansund 2:0 Sandefjord
08/31/2020 Eliteserien Sandefjord 0:2 Kristiansund
07/30/2020 Eliteserien Kristiansund 3:1 Sandefjord


Sandefjord is facing particular challenges. The Eliteserien results for the last 14 rounds show that this squad managed to win 5, draw 2, lose 7, and lose 7 matches, moving it to position 12 in the standings. If you dig deeper into the data, you’ll also find that this team tends to squander the match’s final 31 to 45 minutes. Here at okbet, let’s examine what this team plans to do to get more good results.


Eliteserien Kristiansund, who sits in 16th position in the standings after 13 games, will begin the following round as the season’s biggest loser. Only two points have been earned by this team thus far. The losses graph’s number 11—0 victories and also 2 ties—clearly do not give cause for hope. They scored so few points when you look at the statistics of goals scored and conceded: 0.8 – 2.2 goals per game, respectively. Let’s see if the team can somehow correct the problem, but, to be honest, so far, it’s hard to believe this. Therefore, watch out at okbet and see their determination to win.


Now let’s review all that has just been spoken. Despite the details that can be unclear, there is little possibility that this match will cause a sensation given the current form of Sandefjord and Kristiansund. Therefore, we do not anticipate an unexpected outcome in this game. Regarding this, OKBET has selected for you the possibility of a wager with high odds and also a high probability of passing:

Bet on Okbet Prediction Match: Sandefjord vs Kristiansund

Pick Sandefjord Odds: 2.17

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