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Are You Brave Enough to Take OKBet Online Casino Lucky Wheel?

December 15, 2023
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Enter the electrifying realm of OKBet Online Casino “Holidays Lucky Wheel” Promotion! As the festive season approaches, we are delighted to invite you to engage in an incredible opportunity overflowing with thrills and rewards. Our Lucky Wheel Promotion ensures a captivating experience where luck and festivity merge, granting you the possibility to win incredible prizes and spread the joy of the holidays.


Key Features of OKBet Online Casino Holidays Lucky Wheel:

  1. During the holiday season, for every ₱2,000 wagered, players will earn 1 spin credit for the Wheels of Holidays. Take a spin to reveal your bonus.
  2. Players simply need to click on the Holiday’s Lucky Wheel to set it in motion. When the wheel stops, your earned rewards will be unveiled by the arrow.
  3. The wheel presents fixed reward values ranging from ₱1 to ₱500, including amounts like ₱1, ₱5, ₱10, ₱100, ₱250, and ₱500.
  4. Landing on the Crazy Time Segment allows players to spin an additional wheel offering more substantial prizes, such as the opportunity to win an iPhone or Cash Prizes.
  5. The occurrence of the Crazy Time Bonus round is subject to availability and might not happen with every spin.
  6. Earned rewards will be automatically added to players’ balances. Winners of an iPhone prize must contact our customer support team to claim their rewards.
  7. Each player can spin a maximum of 10 credits per day.
  8. Game credits expire by the end of the following day and cannot be accumulated or carried forward.


OKBet Online Casino Crazy Time Prizes include

  • ₱2,000
  • ₱5,000
  • ₱10,000
  • iPhone 15


Exclusions in the OKBet Online Casino Lucky Wheel Extravaganza

  • Draw outcomes or tie outcomes
  • Dual-sided betting (betting on both outcomes)
  • Invalidated or nullified games (abandoned matches)


Betting Conditions:

Loss: Failed bets result in the complete forfeiture of the bet amount.

Win: Successful bets are determined when the winnings exceed the initial bet. If winnings are less than the original bet, OKBet Online Casino will calculate the specific win amount (excluding the stake).


Terms and Conditions of OKBet Online Casino

  1. The “Holidays Lucky Wheel” promotion exclusively uses game credits, not convertible into cash or alternative rewards.
  2. Game credits from the “Holidays Lucky Wheel” can only be used for gaming on OKBet Casino.
  3. Participants must be verified members of OKBet Casino to qualify.
  4. This promotion encompasses Sports, E-games, and Live Dealer Casino Gaming.
  5. Validity for this promotion is from December 15, 2023, to January 01, 2024, inclusive.
  6. Eligibility excludes company employees, their immediate relatives up to the second degree, gaming site operators, banned individuals, and government officials or employees.
  7. In cases of fraudulent or suspicious activities, OKBet Online Casino reserves the right to terminate accounts and nullify associated winnings or bonuses.
  8. OKBet Online Casino reserves the authority to modify, annul, reclaim, or refuse any prize at its discretion, subject to PAGCOR approval. Decisions by OKBet are final regarding this promotion.
  9. All expenses for marketing materials and prizes (ranging from a minimum of 50 to a maximum of 10,000, including an iPhone 15) will be covered by OKBet OnlineCasino.
  10. General OKBet Online Casino Terms & Conditions apply universally.
  11. For inquiries or further information, contact our responsive customer service team regarding this promotion.


Take action now!

Embark on this thrilling journey as we celebrate the holiday season with a whirlwind of excitement and opportunities. Seize your chance to join this festive extravaganza. Spin the wheel, unlock treasures, and make this holiday season even more unforgettable with OKBet Online Casino “Holidays Lucky Wheel” Promotion!


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