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Alex de Minaur will face Cristian Garin in Okbet Match Review

July 16, 2022
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Alex de Minaur will face Cristian Garin in Okbet Match Review
Alex de Minaur will face Cristian Garin in Okbet Match Review

Alex de Minaur has completed the fourth round at Wimbledon for the first time in his career. On Monday, the Australian will play Cristian Garin to try to reach the quarterfinals of a Grand Slam match for the second time in his career. He did this at the US Open in 2020. Before the game, De Minaur’s coach of his whole life, Adolfo Gutierrez, talked to about how De Minaur is doing right now. Also, how his year has gone so far, and the key to their long and prosperous relationship. OKBet Match Review will show you how to find tennis sports betting odds and give you a complete list of the odds for each tennis bet.

Gutierrez said in London, “Making it to the last 16 at a Grand Slam is always good for a player’s confidence because it shows that hard work and dedication pay off.” “In the end, all tournaments are important, but the majors are unique. We always try to do as well as we can during these weeks because of how much it means to the players.

“This year, we got off to a good start, and we’ve had a string of good results that we hope to keep up for the rest of the season. We had a bad second half of the year in 2021. This is an excellent chance to make up for it.

Even though the player and coach have worked together for a long time, their relationship is still solid and productive, as they showed this week at Wimbledon. The answer is straightforward.

Gutierrez and De Minaur spend time together

Gutierrez and De Minaur spend a lot of time together, but even after all that time. He still finds things about De Minaur that surprise him. OKBet Match Review will show you the best odds for tennis betting.

“After knowing him for so long, I thought I knew everything there was to know about him. But he keeps surprising me with his ability to turn a match around when things get tough,” he said. “It’s as if he were another player, and he changes everything as if it were nothing as if it were expected. Which I believe is very hard.”

“From my point of view, he has improved the most in his consistency and mentality,” said Gutierrez. “We’re still working on everything, like Alex’s technique, fitness, and mindset, to make him a more well-rounded player.”

Even though De Minaur has a career-high ranking of No. 15 in the Pepperstone ATP Rankings, it doesn’t look like he’s reached his best on the ATP Tour yet.

Gutierrez said, “I don’t think so.” “I’m sure of myself, and I think we’re growing at speed. I don’t believe there are any boundaries. With his work and physical and mental progress, we’re on track to keep climbing and getting better every day.

“From my humble thought, and I still have a lot to learn in this world. I still think he can improve everything: shots, tactics, fitness… but the biggest change I see is in his mind. How to deal with big problems and be ready for the times when you need to dig the deepest.”

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