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5 Exciting Sports That You Should Start Watching Today

March 29, 2023
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People naturally love seeing athletes at their peak compete with others in their chosen sports. Seeing athletes who spent most of their lives perfecting their craft show off incredible feats is a delight.

However, there will come a time when watching the same sport over and over will become repetitive. If you’ve always been a basketball fan all your life, you may not always feel like watching slam dunks and three-pointers the time.

If you’re looking for something new to tune into, you’ve come to the right place! This OKBET Sports piece will recommend five sports that promise exciting action and a thriving sports betting scene that will fascinate you for years!

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Ice Hockey

It makes sense why ice hockey isn’t a more popular sport in the Philippines. The country doesn’t have a temperate climate, so icy lakes and ponds don’t naturally occur. The only skating rinks Filipinos can use are in air-conditioned malls.

However, the lack of a Filipino winter doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good ice hockey match! Hockey is one of the fastest team sports you can watch, and its frenetic energy is one of the many reasons people love the game.

Another reason why ice hockey is exciting to play is due to the skill level required. Playing on skates requires athletes to learn how to move while sliding on ice. This unique mechanic also makes the game more fascinating to watch.

Finally, it will always be fascinating for the neutral fan to watch two professional hockey players brawl it out on the ice.


It may not seem like it, but tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. One of this sport’s biggest appeals is that spectators can quickly learn the basics by watching the match develop in real time.

A tennis match can take a long time to complete, but the sport combines cerebral gameplay with athletic feats, making it one of the most fascinating sports you can watch live or through your screen.

This sport’s other appeal is that it offers interesting varieties. There are men’s and women’s singles and men’s and women’s doubles. Things get interesting in mixed doubles as men and women pairs have to navigate between power and finesse to get their points.

Finally, there are multiple ways you can play the game. The best tennis players of all time had different approaches to winning a match. This wide variety of styles always makes this sport fun to watch.


Filipinos may not have the time or patience for slow-paced sports. However, learning to appreciate these games will give you new perspectives as a spectator. One of the most worthwhile sports you can start watching is baseball.

It’s a slow game, but don’t let its pace fool you into thinking it’s boring. It’s a sport where every millimeter and every second can determine a hit or an out. It requires highly specialized athletes who are good at doing one thing.

While baseball has rarely changed for over a century, certain players can turn the game on its head with their superior play. Los Angeles Angels pitcher Shohei Ohtani is the latest player transforming the MLB’s and the sport’s future.

Ohtani is the first two-way player the league has seen in a while, and he’s very successful in what he’s doing. He’s even thrown his fastest pitch recently. He’s bringing an air of excitement to a game that long needed it, and this is the best time to start tuning in.

Formula 1

Racing has been a part of human culture, and modern technology has pushed these sports even further. If you’re looking for a sport that satisfies your need for speed, Formula 1 is the way to go.

F1 is a perfect union of precise engineering and artful driving. Teams of talented individuals do their best to create the fastest car that will leave opponents in the dust. The sheer adrenaline you’ll get from seeing these cars fly on the track is a spectacle you should see for yourself.

Moreover, F1 is exciting because changes can happen almost instantaneously. A team that was struggling at the start of the season could easily climb to the mid-table spots with tweaks on their cars.

The drivers also take the driver’s seat in the F1 story. Men like Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton create plenty of buzz for F1 media and fans to cling onto.


Do you like American football but don’t fancy its slow, systematic approach to its game? You might have a great time watching rugby instead.

When you watch a rugby game, you may think that it’s a dangerous sport. The hits are solid, and the players wear little to no protective equipment. However, rugby players must implement specific tackling techniques to make it as safe as possible.

Rugby is mainly played in two forms: 15s and sevens. The two significantly differ in personnel deployment and roles, among other things, but they all share the same objectives as their American counterparts. The game’s primary goal is to bring the ball past the defenders to the tryzone.

Skills you see in American football can be applied to rugby,  but its frenetic pace may make it seem like the players are running a marathon. Moreover, every player’s speed and power on the rugby pitch are incredible athletic feats.

Finally, seeing rugby haka is an exhilarating experience for first-time fans. Whether you see your first haka live or on your mobile phone doesn’t matter. It will give you chills and adrenaline to power through almost everything.

Start Enjoying More Sports Today!

These are only five of the newest sports that you can watch. There are plenty more sports that we didn’t cover, but it’s recommended that you start with one of these five as they have large fanbases worldwide.

If you become passionate enough about one of these sports to bet on them, you can go ahead with OKBET. The Philippines’ leading sports betting provider has excellent odds on the sports we covered today.

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