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2023 Stanley Cup Faves in Okbet Hockey Odds

June 29, 2022
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2023 Stanley Cup Faves in Okbet Hockey Odds
2023 Stanley Cup Faves in Okbet Hockey Odds

The Colorado Avalanche was the favorite to win the Stanley Cup every day of the 2021-22 season. They won the Stanley Cup.

Even though their goaltending wasn’t always great, the star-studded Avs team went undefeated this season and won the Cup after just 20 playoff games. Even though the beer in the Stanley Cup isn’t even cold, we’re already thinking about who might win it all next season. You can watch the latest 2022-23 Stanley Cup odds at okbet sportsbook.

The early favorite is the best team in the league, the Colorado Avalanche, which shouldn’t be a surprise.

Bet on hockey for the first time? We have a great guide to NHL betting that will help you bet on the Stanley Cup in the future. 

Stanley Cup Odds: The Favorites

Colorado Avalanche (+450)

The Avs will lose some key players, including Nazem Kadri, Valeri Nichushkin, Andre Burakovsky, Josh Manson, and others. However, Nathan MacKinnon, Cale Makar, Gabriel Landeskog, Devon Toews, Bowan Byram, and Mikko Rantanen will all be back, so their core of stars will remain the same.

The Avs have a problem with goaltending again because their current starter, Darcy Kuemper, is about to become a free agent. However, they had had this problem before and solved it.

The bottom line is that this team has enough stars, good coaches, and intelligent management to make another run next year. They will also have a lot of room in their salary cap to keep players or bring in new ones. Online sportsbooks like okbet will have the best hockey odds and most ways to bet.

But +450 odds aren’t long enough to bet on the Avs before seeing how their offseason goes.

Stanley Cup Odds: Best Bet

There are many good teams in the NHL, and it’s not hard to make a case for any of them to win the Stanley Cup next season.

All the Tampa Bay Lightning’s best players, including the best goalie in the world and multiple Hart Trophy candidates, will be back next season. But Ondrej Palat and Nick Paul, two key players in the playoffs this year, are likely to leave.

The Toronto Maple Leafs will be strong next season because their team is full of stars, but they have a big question mark in goal.

After winning the Presidents’ Trophy, most of the Florida Panthers’ best players will be back, so they should again be one of the best teams in the East.

The New York Rangers have signed some of their best players to long-term deals. Edmonton has two of the top four or five hockey players worldwide, and the team will probably work hard to improve around them.

The Vegas Golden Knights have been around for four years. They completed it to the conference finals or Stanley Cup Final in three of those years. They missed the playoffs by five points this season, but we think they’ll be back next year.

The team has some problems with its salary cap and has a question mark in goal, but it also has a lot of stars and just hired Bruce Cassidy, the bench boss for the Boston Bruins.

Most of the Knights’ bad season in 2022 was due to injuries, as almost all of the team’s best players missed long periods. However, the Knights’ injury luck will surely improve next year, giving them a chance to get back on track.

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What is a futures bet on Stanley Cup odds?

Before the hockey season starts, oddsmakers put out lines that show how likely each team is to win the championship trophy. If you bet on something before the Stanley Cup Final, you would be betting on the future. It is a bet on something that will happen in the future. For example, you could bet in September that the Detroit Red Wings would win the Cup, but you wouldn’t find out if you were right until the playoffs. Visit our okbet sportsbook review page to find the right sportsbook for you.

How To Read NHL Stanley Cup Odds

The Stanley Cup odds at the sportsbook of your choice will look like this:

Tampa Bay Lightning +300

+450 for the Toronto Maple Leafs

Vegas Golden Knights +500

Boston Bruins +800

In a Moneyline bet, there is a clear favorite and underdog, but in an NHL futures bet, the team with the best odds is considered the favorite. It’s Tampa in this case. The dog would be the team with the best odds. In this case, the answer is Boston.

Let’s say it’s almost hockey season, and you’ve done your homework. You think it’s Toronto’s year to win the Cup, so you put 40 on the Leafs. If they win it all, you will get a payout of 220, your original bet of 40 plus the 180 you won.

Get in on the action early when it comes to futures. The odds will change more as the NHL playoffs get closer. Also, odds for these bets are changed often as teams rise and fall in the standings. The odds of a team completing it to the Cup Final will change if there are injuries, trades, or changes in coaches. Also, those who set the lines take that into account when they update the odds.

As was said above, it’s important to remember that when you bet on NHL futures, you won’t get your money back until the winner receives Lord Stanley’s Cup. The best odds and most betting options will be at online sportsbooks like okbet.

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