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2022 MLB Home Run Derby Preview in Okbet Latest News

July 31, 2022
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2022 MLB Home Run Derby Preview in Okbet Latest News
2022 MLB Home Run Derby Preview in Okbet Latest News

The 2022 MLB All-Star Week has finally arrived in Los Angeles. This year’s events will take place at the beautiful Dodger Stadium. Before the 2022 MLB All-Star Game, the Home Run Derby will feature some of the best hitters.

Pete Alonso, who plays first base for the New York Mets and is going for his third straight Home Run Derby title, is the best player in the field. Alonso wants to be the first person to win this event three times in a row. Ken Griffey Jr. is the best other players to have won the Home Run Derby okbet baseball play three times. He did this in 1994, 1998, and 1999.

It won’t be easy for Alonso to win another title. Ronald Acuna Jr., a star for the Atlanta Braves, will face him in the first round. Alonso beat Acuna Jr. in the 2019 derby semifinals with a home run that won the clock. Kyle Schwarber is also a threat on the bracket’s different sides. Schwarber has 26 home runs, which is the most in the National League. He will be the top root in the field. Albert Pujols, a legendary player for the St. Louis Cardinals, will face Schwarber in the first round. At 42 years old, Albert Pujols will be the oldest person to ever participate in the Home Run Derby. He will beat Barry Bonds’ record, which was 39 years old.

MLB Home Run Derby okbet baseball rules in 2022

The Home Run Derby is a head-to-head competition between eight people. The winner will be the person who wins three rounds by hitting more home runs than their opponent within the time limit.

Each game will last three minutes in the first and second rounds of the derby. The last match is two minutes long. After each round, each competitor will add 30 seconds of extra time to the clock. A batter can get an additional 30 seconds if they hit a home run that is at least 475 feet long during the average time for that round.

Once a player has more home runs than their opponent, the round is over, and the clock stops. The player who strikes the most home runs in each head-to-head game moves on until a winner is chosen.

As long as the pitcher pitches the ball before the clock runs out, it counts as a home run.

Each round, hitters can use one timeout. Forty-five seconds is how long a timeout lasts. During bonus time, you can’t call a timeout.

Home Run Derby okbet baseball predictions 2022

On the left side of the stand, I’ll pick Schwarber over Pujols and Juan Soto, a star for the Nationals, over José Ramrez. I think Soto is a better choice than Schwarber to make it to the final.

I’ll pick Alonso over Ronald Acua Jr. on the right side of the bracket. Don’t be surprised if that is the most intriguing first-round matchup. In the other matchup, I’d rather see Corey Seager return to Dodger Stadium than 21-year-old Mariners rookie Julio Rodrguez. Seager will lose to Alonso, and Alonso will move on to the final.

I’d rather have Pete Alonso win the title than Juan Soto. Alonso has 24 home runs, which is second most in the field behind Schwarber, and we already know he does well in this setting. We might be suckers for a good story, but we’ll pick Alonso to win for the third time. Always keep updated on okbet latest news for more recent events and games okbet results.

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